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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 | Francis Lee


The Casino Central in Mar del Plata, Argentina played host to the grand final of the 2009 Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT).  291 entrants bought in for the $5,200 buy in championship event which created a total prize pool of $1,411,350.  27 places was paid and the first place prize set at $381,030, and everyone would have to negotiate three days of play to win this prize.

There was a large number of online qualifiers in this tournament along with a few recognisable poker pro’s.  The money positions wasn’t reached until half way through the second day and the unfortunate bubble boy turned out to be Eduardo Oscar Camia.  The final table was headed by an 18 year old German Dominik Nitsche who finished the day with $817,000 in chips, nearly double that of his nearest rival.  The final table also contained three online qualifiers who were positioned in the three short stack positions.

Final Table Chip Rankings

  • 1st  Dominik Nitsche $817,000
  • 2nd  Sergio Farias $474,000
  • 3rd  Jason Skeans $338,000
  • 4th  Jorge Landazuri De Los Rios $329,000
  • 5th  Leo Fernandez $329,000
  • 6th  Jose Barbero $181,000
  • 7th  Rodolfo Awad $170,000
  • 8th  Derek Lerner  $155,000
  • 9th  Alfons Fenijn $65,000

The first elimination came just two hands in when Jose Barbero moved all in from the big blind after Sergio Farias had raised from mid position.  Farias made the call with :5d :5h and was up against :ad :kc The flop came down :qs :10d :5c giving Farias the lead with a set but Barbero needed just a ten to complete a broadway straight.  No ten came as the :6d and :9s completed the board.

On the very next hand Alfons Ferijn moved his short stack all in with :qs :10h but found himself behind as Farias called tabling :jh :jc Ferjn’s tournament life came to an end as the final board came down :ah :kh :3d :5c :10d These two wins on the first orbit of the table had put Farias in clear second position just behind the chip leader.

Just a few orbit’s later Derek Lerner moved all in from the button with :as :8s but had run into Rodolfo Awad on the big blind with :qs :qd who was only too happy to call.  Lerner’s number of out’s increased after the flop came down :8d :7s :2h but the :qc on the turn left hiom drawing dead with one card to come.

Just a few hands later Dominik Nitsche opened the betting to $42,000 from an early position, Leo Fernandez then moved all in for $230,000 and then Sergio Farias moved all in for $515,000.  Nitsche wasted no time in making the call tabling :as :ah a big favourite against Farias with :10s :10h and Fernandez with :ks :kh Nitsche’s Aces held up as the final board came down :js :8d :4h :qc :6c handing him a huge chip.  Fernandez won $63,520 finishing in sixth place and Farias took home $77,620 in fifth.

Fourth place was quickly decided when Jason Skeans moved his short stack in with :6d :2h and was called by Awad with :ac :7s The board blanked out for Skeans who headed for the rail to collect $105,860.  On the very first hand of three handed play both Jorge Landazuri and Awad moved all there chips in with Jorge ahead with :9h :9d against :4s :4c The flop was a very good one for Awad as it came down :8c :4d :2h and he was looking good to double up when the :ac fell on the turn.  With just two nines to dodge the :9s came down on the river eliminating Awad in third place.

This win had moved Jorge to $941,000 in chips but it was only half the stack of which Nitsche was sitting next to.  On the first hand both players saw the flop :kh :9d :8h Jorge check raised Nitsche who called to see the :10s fall on the turn.   Jorge bet $150,000 and Nitsche called to see the :kd fall on the river.  Jorge moved all in and Nitsche instantly called tabling :ks :jh Jorge only had :js :5c meaning Nitsche was the winner and LAPT Argentina champion.

Final Standings

  • 1st Dominik Nitsche $381,030
  • 2nd Jorge Landazuri $211,700
  • 3rd Rodolfo Awad $141,140
  • 4th Jason Skeans $105,860
  • 5th Sergio Farias $77,620
  • 6th Leo Fernandez $63,520
  • 7th Derek Lerner $49,400
  • 8th Alfons Fenijn $35,280
  • 9th Jose Barbero $28,220



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