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Sunday, March 22, 2009 | Francis Lee


The next stop in the Poker Stars Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) took us to the Mantra Resort and Casino in Punta del Este, Uruguay.  327 players bought into the $3,700, three day main event, creating a total prize pool of more than $1.1 million.  The first prize pool to exceed $1 million dollars at an LAPT event.

There was a number of well known poker pro’s in attendance with the likes of Greg Raymer, Humberto Brenes, Victor Ramdin, Andre Akkari, Dennis Phillips and J.C. Alvarado.  None of this group made it to the second day which saw just 64 players surviving.

It took around four hours play on day two for the bubble to burst as the last 36 players cashed in.  Alberto Araujo Jr was the unfortunate bubble boy as he was knocked out in 37th place.  This lead to a flurry of eliminations and it didn’t take too long to reach the end of the day with just nine players left standing.  Karl Hevroy ended the day with a sizeable chip lead over his nearest rival Angel Guillén and the day one chip leader Oliver Rowe was close behind in third.  The rest of the final table chip rankings looked as follows.

Final Table Chip Rankings

  • 1st Karl Hevroy $1,079,000
  • 2nd Angel Guillén $572,000
  • 3rd Oliver Rowe $412,000
  • 4th Alejandro De Arruaballena $397,000
  • 5th Waldemar Cogo $263,000
  • 6th Bolivar Palacios Vasquez $167,000
  • 7th Magno Aragao $153,000
  • 8th Ronald Wasiel $134,000
  • 9th Andre Ventura $103,000

Short stacked Andre Ventura made the best start doubling up early on, but his luck quickly changed when he ran into Karl Hevroy’s pocket Queens with just pocket Jacks shortly after.  Hevroy then extended his chip lead further by eliminating  Magno Aragao into 8th place.  Hevroy hit a runner runner straight draw with :jc :10d beating pocket Queens.

Bolivar Palacios was the next player to head for the rail loosing a race with pocket Queens against Alejandro De Arruaballena with :ac :kd Waldemar Cogo quickly followed as he pushed his short stack with :kh :3s and was called by Oliver Rowe with :ks :7h No three on the board left Cogo to collect $48,840 in sixth place.

This win had put Rowe in a comfortable position but surprisingly he was next to fall in a huge pot against the chip leader Hevroy.  All the chips went into the middle on the board showing :js :9s :3h :kd Hevroy had :kc :qc having top pair and a straight draw but found himself behind Rowe’s flopped set of Three’s.  The :10h on the river completed Hevroy’s straight leaving Rowe dead and buried cursing his bad luck.

Hevroy continued to extend his already big chip lead taking out Ron Wasiel into fourth place.  Wasiel was all in with :js :9d after the flop had come down :10d :10c :9s but found himself behind against Hevroy’s pocket Jacks.  The :8d on the Turn gave Wasiel some hope in getting a tie but the :3c on the River was not what he needed to survive.

Three handed play didn’t take long to get through as Hevroy’s luck won him another pot when all in pre flop against Angel Guillén.  Guillén was leading with :ad :jc against :ac :10s but Hevroy paired a Ten on the Flop.  No help for Guillén on the Turn and River leaving him to collect $99,120 in third place.

Hevroy amassed just under $3 million in chips going into heads up, almost six times the amount of his opponent Alejandro De Arruabarrena.  It didn’t long for Hevroy to dispatch Arruabarrena and put this event to bed.  The last hand came when Hevroy had flopped a full house with :9h :8h and got his opponent to move all in on just a straight draw, was drawing dead giving Hevroy the title.  This was a deserved win for Hevroy as he dominated the final table through out putting his big chip stack to good use.

Final Standings

  • 1st Karl Hevroy $283,500
  • 2nd Alejandro De Arruabarrena $155,420
  • 3rd Angel Guillén $99,120
  • 4th Ron Wasiel $82,160
  • 5th Oliver Rowe $59,960
  • 6th Waldemar Cogo $48,840
  • 7th Bolivar Palacios Vasquez $37,740
  • 8th Magno Aragao $26,640
  • 9th Andre Ventura $21,000



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