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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 | Francis Lee


The APT made its regular stop in Macau and 326 players started out in the main event.  They were made up of a strong local turn out and some well known poker pro’s all fighting for the $391,556 first place prize.

After two days play the final table of nine was decided with some well known players in the mix.  The most recognizable was J.C Tran along with David Steicke and Casey Kastle.  Here is how the final table lined up at the start of the final day.

Final Table Chip Rankings

  • 1st Inwook Choi 934,000
  • 2nd David Steicke 876,000
  • 3rd Adrien Allain 482,000
  • 4th JC Tran 444,000
  • 5th Chris Chau 143,000
  • 6th Crister Hallbrook 132,000
  • 7th Casey Kastle 130,000
  • 8th Michael Woo 64,000
  • 9th Winfred Yu 61,000

Just three hands into the final table Casey Kastle looked in good shape to double up against Adrien Allain when calling all his chips in pre flop with pocket Kings against pocket Nines.  This was until Allain rivered a straight with the final board showing :8s :10s :7d :ac :jc Kastle who had made the final table in the previous two APT events collected $16,966 finishing in 9th place.

Shortly after Winfred Yu pushed his short stack in with :ah :7d and found some action when the chip leader Inwook Choi called with :kc :qd Yu hit top pair on the flop when it came down :ac :ks :10s but found himself behind after the turn produced the :qc No help came for Yu as the :2d fell on the river eliminating him in 8th place winning $26,112.

The fast pace of this table didn’t slow down as Allain eliminated Crister Hallbrook into 7th place.  All of Hallbrook’s chips went in after the flop came down :ad :4s :3s and Allain made the call.  Hallbrook had pocket Eights and was leading against Allain’s :4h :5h This quickly changed after the :2c fell on the turn completing Allain’s straight leaving Hallbrook drawing dead with one card to come.

Allain then took the chip lead when- eliminating his third victim on the final table.  This came when Michael Woo pushed the reminder of his short stack in with :qd :6d but his timing wasn’t great as he was up against pocket Kings.  Woo only managed to hit a pair of sixes after the final board came down and went out in 6th place winning $52,223.

Just before the dinner break the table was reduced to just four runner’s when Chris Chau pushed his short stack in and both Choi and Allain called.  Both players checked down the cards until the final board was showing :10c :7d :3h :6d :3c Choi had the best hand at the showdown connecting with a pair of Tens to take the pot.

When the players returned David Steicke moved in with pocket Nines only to find himself behind Choi with pocket Kings.  The Kings held up to eliminate Steike into 4th place.  J.C Tran quickly followed Steicke to the rail when moving all in with :ah :8c and both Allain and Choi called.  Both players checked down the cards and the final board was showing :as :jc :10s :9d :8c It was looking good for Tran with two pair until Allain revealed :ad :qc having hit a straight on the river.

Allain had a chip stack of 2.1 million at the start of heads up, just over double of Choi’s stack.  It didn’t take long for the Frenchman to overcome his opponent but needed a slice of luck to do it.  The deciding hand came when all the chips went in pre flop with Choi having the best hand :ah :qs against :as :3c The flop swung the advantage in Allain’s favour as he paired his three.  No help came for Choi as the rest of the board blanked out confirming Allain as the APT Macau champion.

This was a great achievement as it was later revealed that Allain had won his seat to this event through a $5 online satellite.

Final Standings

  • 1st Adrien Allain $391,556
  • 2nd Inwook Choi $214,158
  • 3rd JC Tran $117,470
  • 4th David Steick $91,378
  • 5th Chris Chau $65,279
  • 6th Michael Woo $52,223
  • 7th Crister Hallbrook $39,167
  • 8th Winfred Yu $26,112
  • 9th Casey Kastle - $16,996



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