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Tuesday, January 22, 2008 | Francis Lee

aussie millions

In our first post on the Aussie Millions we reviewed the first 5 events and now we take a look at events 6 to 10 of one of the years most popular events held in Melbourne, Australia each January.

Once again the numbers are growing at this years Aussie Millions with the help of the increase in online qualifiers (including those that qualified via our Poker Freerolls)

Event 6 $1,650 No Limit Hold’em Bounty

Prize Pool: $518,000
Entrants: 370
Duration: 2 days
Number of paid places: 32

Final Table Chip Rankings:

  • 1st Michael Binger $393,000
  • 2nd Marlon Goonawardne $322,000
  • 3rd Kim Pearl $311,000
  • 4th David Kruger $236,000
  • 5th Josh Egan $225,000
  • 6th Ramy Todros $162,500
  • 7th Steve Leonard $145,000
  • 8th Jeppe Nielsen $56,000

Final Table Summary:

It didn’t’t take long for this final table to spring into life, as on the second hand of play Marlon Goonawardne almost doubled up knocking out Kim Pearl who had just a few chips less. A lot of money was bet pre flop by both players and they saw the Flop come down :ah :10d :6h Pearl moved All In with :as :jc and was called by Marlon holding :qh :3h looking for the flush. The :10h on the Turn completed Marlon’s flush, and the :7h fell on the river confirming Pearl’s exit.

On the 5th hand of play we lost our next player as David Kruger beat Jeppe Nielsen with pocket Queens, holding up against :ah :qh

A whole hour had passed with out a knock out hand and like the London buses, all of a sudden two came at once. Marlon Goonawardne was the victor in both hands playing what most would describe as loose. First he sent Josh Egan to the rail hitting a set of Three’s on the Flop against :ad :js On the next hand of play Marlon raised with :qs :5s and found a caller in Ramy Tadros with :js :8s All The chips went into the middle after the Flop came down :qc :jd :2h and Marlon’s top pair held up to take the pot.

Marlon’s good run of cards didn’t stop after the break as he eliminated the next two players again in just the space of a few hands. David Kruger was the first of these to go when his two pair was beaten by Marlon Rivering a Broadway straight. His second victim Steve Leonard moved All In with :as :6h and Marlon called with :ad :kh Marlon paired his king on the Flop and the :9d on the Turn meant Leonard was drawing dead with one card to come.

All this action for Marlon left him with $1.5 million in chips, a lot more compared to Michael Binger with just $378,000. Heads up play took just over an hour to complete as Marlon ground Binger down with his aggressive play. The final hand came when Binger moved All In with :kd :9h and Marlon called with :as :qh The board came down :8s :3d :2s :4d :10s missing both players handing Marlon the deserved victory

Final Standings:

  • 1st Marlon Goonawardne $155,400
  • 2nd Michael Binger $88,060
  • 3rd Steve Leonard $51,800
  • 4th David Kruger $41,440
  • 5th Ramy Tadros $31,080
  • 6th Josh Egan $23,310
  • 7th Jeppe Nielsen $17,094
  • 8th Kim Pearl $11,396

Event 7 $3,000 Pot Limit Omaha with Rebuys

Prize Pool: $516,000
Entrants: 65
Duration: 1 day
Number of paid places: 9

Final Table Chip Rankings:

  • 1st Mark Kassis $99,700
  • 2nd Mike Sexton $71,000
  • 3rd Jamie Pickering $65,300
  • 4th Lenny Barshack $62,900
  • 5th Max Pescatori $60,300
  • 6th Van Marcus $42,500
  • 7th Tom dawn $41,600
  • 8th Michael Guttman $38,200
  • 9th Lee Watkinson $35,500

Final Table Summary:

The first elimination on this final table came about when five players saw a flop of :8c :10c :2d Tom Dawn made the first bet and every one folded except for Max Pescatori who moved All In. Dawn called showing :ah :kh :2c :2h and Pescatori had :ac :9h :qc :qs The :as on the Turn was no real help to anyone and the :6s on the river handed Dawn the pot with trip Deuces.

Jamie Pickering who won event 4 at this years Aussie Millions, started off this final table in 3rd place in the chip rankings, but only managed to finish 8th as he loast a big hand agsinst Tom Dawn. Both players saw the Flop which came down :8s :9c :5s Pickering moved All In Flopping a straight and Dawn called with :as :9s :9h :5h looking for the board to pair up with the top set and a nut flush draw. The :2s on the Turn completed Dawn’s flush and he made a Full House on the River with the :2h coming down. This win put Dawn in a commanding chip lead.

Lenny Barshack was the next player sent to the rail when he was beaten by Michael Guttman. Both players paired a Ten on the Flop but Guttman’s Ace kicker won him the pot.

This win didn’t help Guttman as he was the next player out shortly after Barschack’s exit. He was beaten by Lee Watkinson hitting trip Tens on the Flop which held up against Guttman’s two pair.

We had to wait for a couple of hours before the next elimination came about. Mark Kassis gambled with his last remaining chips going All In with :as :4h :3c :7h and found a caller in Lee Watkinson with :qc :5s :kd :8h Watkinson hit a full house with the final board coming down :qh :qs :jc :8s :9s to win the pot and knock Kassis out in 5th place.

Only a few hands later Watkinson carried on his good run of cards eliminating Mike Sexton out in 4th place. Watkinson again hit a full house taking down the pot when Sexton was looking for a nut flush to come.

Soon after this we were down to heads up. Van Marcus hit two pair on the Flop and moved all his chips into the middle. Unfortunately he was up against Dawn who had Flopped a straight and this was enough to take the pot.

The chips stacks between Dawn and Watkinson was almost even at the start of play and it only took 15 minutes to complete. On the last hand Dawn was All In pre Flop with :10c :ks :js :kh and was up against :9c :qc :jd :kd The final board came down :kc :10h :8h :4c :5c giving Watkinson a club flush to take the pot and the event win.

Final Standings:

  • 1st Lee Watkinson $180,600
  • 2nd Tom Dawn $103,200
  • 3rd Van Marcus $61,920
  • 4th Mike Sexton $51,600
  • 5th Mark Kassis $41,280
  • 6th Michael Guttman $30,960
  • 7th Lenny Barshack $20,640
  • 8th Jamie Pickering $15,480
  • 9th Max Pescatori $10,320

Event 8 $3,250 2-Card Manila with Re-buys

Prize Pool: $62,000
Entrants: 10
Duration: 1 day
Number of paid places: 3

Only 10 players entered this $3,250 Manila event. Manila is a variation of poker where the cards from Deuce to Six are removed from the deck. The game plays like Hold’em but the main difference is a Flush beats a Full House due to the reduced amount of cards.

The Ten players who entered this event were:

  • Seat 1 Markas Salkanovic
  • Seat 2 Karib Karib
  • Seat 3 Warwick Mirzikinian
  • Seat 4 Yevgeniy Timoshenko
  • Seat 5 Graeme Putt
  • Seat 6 Max Donnelly
  • Seat 7 David Steicke
  • Seat 8 Antonis Kambouroglou
  • Seat 9 Fred Bart
  • Seat 10 Mark Scott

Three players made the cash in this small event with Antonis Kambouroglou winning, this his first ever at the Aussie Millions.

Final Standings:

  • 1st Antonis Kambouroglou $27,000
  • 2nd Warwick Mirzikinian $16,000
  • 3rd Yevgeniy Timoshenko $10,800

Event 9 $100,000 No Limit hold’em

Prize Pool: $2,500,000
Entrants: 25
Duration: 1 day
Number of paid places: 5

Final Table Chip Rankings:

  • 1st Erick Lindgren $574,000
  • 2nd Jeff Garza $496,000
  • 3rd Nikolaus Jedlicka $446,000
  • 4th Tom Dawn $299,000
  • 5th Howard Lederer $202,000
  • 6th Jeff Lisandro $192,000
  • 7th Mark Teltscher $171,000
  • 8th Michael Sampoema $125,000

Final Table Summary:

The first two eliminations on this final table was right at the start of play, Tom Dawn went out loosing with :ac :qs against Jeff Garza with pocket Kings. Next it was Garza who went out to Mark Teltscher loosing in a coin flip situation with :ad :kc against pocket Jacks.

Erick Lindgren exit came on the bubble shortly after loosing out to Michael Sampoema. Lindgren had Flopped a set of Kings but lost as Sampoema hitting a flush on the turn. The board didn’t pair up on the River to send Lindgren out in 6th.

Sampoema took out his next opponent Nikolaus Jedlicka, when again Jadlicka Flopped a set, this time it was a set of Fives. The Turn card proved decisive as Sampoema hit a straight which was good enough to take the pot.

It took a while for the next elimination hand to come about as play slowed down considerably. The next knockout hand eventually came when Mark Teltscher pushed All In with :kc :10c over the top of Jeff Lisandro’s initial raise. Lisandro called with :ad :6s and fell behind when the Flop came down :ks :7h :jd The :3d on the turn left Lisandro needing an Ace to survive with one card to come. The :3s on the River confirmed Lisandro’s exit in 4th place.

Not long after Teltscher made it heads up as he eliminated Sampoema out in 3rd place, as his pocket Eights held up against pocket Sevens.

Howard Lederer held the chip lead over Teltscher going into heads up. He slowly chipped away at Teltschers stack before taking down the win in this event. The final hand came when Teltscher hit two pair with :7s :8d but was beaten as Lederer rivering a better two pair with :ac :jc

Final Standings:

  • 1st Howard Lederer $1,250,000
  • 2nd Mark Teltscher $650,000
  • 3rd Michael Sampoema $350,000
  • 4th Jeff Lisandro $150,000
  • 5th Nikolaus Jedlicka $100,000

Event 10 $2,200 Pot Limit Hold’em / Omaha / Omaha Hi-Low

Prize Pool: $228,000
Entrants: 114
Duration: 2 days
Number of paid places: 9

Final Table Chip Rankings:

  • 1st Dag Martin Mikkelsen $142,500
  • 2nd Josh Field $93,500
  • 3rd David Bach $87,000
  • 4th Michael Pesek $84,000
  • 5th Jamie Pickering $51,500
  • 6th Roy Winston $48,000
  • 7th Jeff Brown $33,000
  • 8th Mick Stanton $17,000
  • 9th JJ Hazan $15,000

This final table started off very quickly as we lost three players in the first couple of rounds. First to go was Mick Stanton, he lost to Dag Mikkelsen whilst playing Omaha. Mikklesen flopped a straight which was easily good enough to take down the pot. Jeff Brown was next to go when JJ Hazan hit a set of Sixes on the Flop when Brown was holding pocket Kings in his hand. The Turn and River didn’t help Brown eliminating him in 8th place.

Jamie Pickering was the next player out when moving All In with :4d :qh :ks :7c and was up against David Bach with :as :8c :kc :kd Bach hit two pair on the Flop showing :8d :ad :qc which eventually won the pot with the final two cards coming down :5h :jc

JJ Hazan was out in 6th place while playing Omaha Hi Lo against Michael Pesek. Pesek won the hand with two pair Aces and Queens high and an 8-5 low.

Josh Field headed for the rail shortly after Hazan’s exit when he was crippled in a three way pot involving Mikklesen and Bach. The board came down :kc :5h :3s :4c :6s giving Bach the pot hitting a 2-6 straight which also won him the low pot. Field was out just a few hands later.

David Bach went on to take the biggest pot of the night eliminating Roy Winston out in 4th place playing Hold’em. Both players saw a Flop of :7s :7c :5d to which Winston moved All In with :9h :8h and was called by Bach revealing :as :4s The :qd fell on the Turn helping neither player but the River paired Bach’s Four with the :4h coming down on the River.

It didn’t take long to get to heads up as Mikklesen moved his short stack into the middle with :as :8s and was up against Pesek with :qd :10d Pesek hit a diamond flush on the river to win the pot when behind after the :8h came down on the Turn. Mikklesen picked up $27,360 finishing 3rd.

Heads up started off with Pesek held a $4,000 advantage over Bach with $287,000 in chips. Play started very slowly, with most of the pots being small. The was until the game switched over to Omaha. Bach made the first raise pre Flop and Pesek called when the Flop of :7d :3s :6s came down. Bach moved All In with :ad :qd :8h :10h and was called by Pesek tabling :8s :kc :7h :6c The :9h and :6h on the Turn and River completed Pesek’s full house beating Bach’s straight to win the event.

Final Standings:

  • 1st Michael Pesek $79,800
  • 2nd David Bach $45,600
  • 3rd Dag Martin Mikkelsen $27,360
  • 4th Roy Winston $22,800
  • 5th Josh Field $18,240
  • 6th JJ Hazan $13,680
  • 7th Jamie Pickering $9,120
  • 8th Jeff Brown $6,840
  • 9th Mick Stanton $4,560



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