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Saturday, September 8, 2007 | Francis Lee


The forth series of the European Poker Tour (EPT) commenced in Barcelona on the 28th Aug 2007.  The first of 10 events to be played across Europe which attracts a lot the top poker players from around the world.  The tour is sponsored by Poker Stars which offers players seats to the up and coming events, through the daily satellites which gives us a good mix of professional and amateur players entering these events.  Judging by the popularity of the 3rd EPT series last year, the exceptions suggests they will be sell out events.

543 players entered this €8,000 buy in tournamnet creating a total prize pool of €4,181,100 to be shared between the top 54 finishers, the winner set to collect just over 1 million Euro’s.  The event was played over four days with the field split into to groups for the first days play, and the survivors of these two groups playing together for the rest of the event.

Thirteen players made it to the final days play fighting to make it to the televised final table, we reached the final table in quick time as some of the short stacked players went out in quick sucsession, leaving the final eight players to battle it out for the EPT title and the top cash prize.  The final table chip rankings was as shown below.

Final Table Chip Rankings:

  • 1st Greg Dyer 1,606,000
  • 2nd Mika Paasonen 924,000
  • 3rd Mark Teltscher 676,00
  • 4th Nikolaus Jedlicka 569,000
  • 5th Sander Lyllof 502,000
  • 6th Trond Eidsvig 452,000
  • 7th Patrick Bruel 374,00
  • 8th Adam Junglen 319,000

It only took two hand of play before we lost the first player on this final table.  Patrick Bruel made a raise of 45,000, this was called by Mark Teltscher in the big blind and the Flop came down :ah :8h :3h Teltscher checked and Bruel moved All In to which Teltscher quickly called.  Bruel showed pocked Tens but found himself behind with only one out available to him up against :ac :9h The :6h on the Turn meant Bruel was drawing dead on the River meaning he was out in 8th place winning €104,500

Not long after Mark Teltscher continued his good start at the final table, knocking Nikolaus Jedlicka on the short stack out of the event in 7th place.  Teltscher made the first raise of 55,000 and Jedlicka came over the top All In for his remaining 123,000.  Teltscher called showing :ah :qh and it was a race to the finish with Jedlicka holding pocket Tens.  The Flop put Teltscher firmly in the lead coming down :qc :4c :2h The Turn didn’t help Jedlicka coming down with the :ad strengthening Teltscher’s hand leaving his opponent needing a Ten on the River to survive.  The :2d came down on the River confirming Jadlicka’s exit  from the event and he collected €154,000 for his trouble.

This fast pace didn’t slow down with the next two players going out in successive hands leaving us with our final four players.  First of all on the 17th hand of play Adam Junglen moved All In holding :ad :4c from mid-position and was called by Sander Lylloff with pocket Eights.  Neither player hit the board with the cards coming down :ks :kd :qh :2s :6s and Junglen went out in 6th place winning €196,500

Trond Eidsvig was the next player to go when he was knocked out by Mika Paasonen on the very next hand of play.  Paasonen made the first bet of 50,000 pre Flop and was called by Eidvig.  The Flop came down :js :9d :6s Both players checked and the Turn came down with the :10d Eidsvig bet 70,000, Paasonen came over the top moving All In and Eidsvig called.  Eidsvig found his hand to be behind holding :ks :jd against :9h :10h and the check he made after the Flop looked to be a bad move trying to trap Paasonen into the pot whilst having top pair.  The :10s on the River gave Paasonen a full house leaving Eindsvig to head to the rail to collect €250,000 for his 5th place finish.

The chip count at this point still had Greg Dyer holding a healthy lead with 2,138,000 in chips with both Paasonen and Teltscher both having around 1.3 million.  Sander Lylloff brought up the rear on the short stack with 530,000.  This was quickly turned around firstly with Lylloff doubling up against Dyer and then Teltscher doubling up on the next hand against Paasonen.  This loss left Paasonen on the short stack, crippled down to only 58,000 in chips.

Mika Paasonen’s tournament came to an end on the next hand moving All In for his remaing 58,000, this was called by both Lylloff and Dyer.  Both players checked down the cards to the River and the final board was :js :7c :2h :9h :kh Dyer bet 60,000 and Lylloff folded leaving the other two players to the showdown.  Paasonen was holding :ad :7c but as beaten by Dyer’s :kd :10d and left the tournament in 4th place taking home €301,100.

It took just over 60 hands to reach heads up which a long time considering it only took 32 hands to get down to three handed play.  The chip lead swung from player to player until Lylloff and Teltscher started to get the better of Greg Dyer, eventually reducing his chip stack to around 300,000.  Dyer met his end when running into Lylloff All In when only having :kc :8d against pocket Aces  The first four cards came down :10c :3h :2c :4h meaning Dyer was drawing dead on the River.  Dyer collected €388,800 for his 3rd place finish.

Lylloff started heads up play with 3.5 million in chips, in the lead against Teltscher with 1.7 million and was a big favourite to take the win.  Play only lasted 6 hands when Teltscher moved All In with pocket Kings pre Flop and Lylloff called with just :js :10h The Flop came down :qh :jh :7h which looked good for Teltscher having the higher pair and higher flush draw leaving Lylloff with not too many outs to win.  The :jd came down on the Turn changing the whole out look of the hand putting Lylloff in the lead with trip Jacks and it was Teltscher’s who now needed to improve to stay in the event.  The :4c ended proceeding handing Lylloff the win collecting €1,170,700 in first place.

Mark Teltscher just falling short of winning his second EPT title as he was the London EPT winner in 2005, but the €673,000 2nd place prize must have eased the disappointment some what.  He wont have long to try again with the next EPT event coming to the London Victoria casino on the 25th September.

2007 EPT Barcelona Final Result:

  • 1st Sander Lylloff €1,170,700
  • 2nd Mark Teltscher €673,000
  • 3rd Greg Dyer €388,800
  • 4th Mika Paasonen €301,000
  • 5th Trond Eidsvig €250,800
  • 6th Adam Junglen €196,500
  • 7th Nikolaus Jedlicka €154,700
  • 8th Patrick Bruel €104,500

Win your seat to the up and coming EPT events by playing in the daily satellite tournaments held at Poker Stars.  This gives you a chance to win huge amounts of cash and play against the top players in the world for just a small outlay.



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