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Monday, November 5, 2007 | Francis Lee


The European Poker Tour (EPT) Dublin event started on the 3rd November, the third event in this year’s series.  This €8,000 buy-in event attracted 221 entrants all fighting for the €500,000 top prize.  A total of €1,710,700 was the set prize pool once the cards were in the air and a total of 21 players cashed in.

When we reached the final table stage of the tournament Annette Obrestad was leading the way on €788,000 in chips.  Obrestad the recent winner of the main event at the World Series of Poker Europe in London, was looking in good shape to add this EPT title to her list of recent achievements by taking the chip lead on the last hand of the second day.  She elininated Andy Black in 10th place beating his pocket Three with pocket Jacks.

Final Table Chip Rankings:

  • 1st Annette Obrestad €788,000
  • 2nd Daan Ruiter €646,000
  • 3rd Reijo Manninen €480,000
  • 4th Casper Hansen €360,000
  • 5th Thierry Van Den Berg €274,000
  • 6th Michael Durrrer €247,000
  • 7th Trond Eidsvig €184,000
  • 8th Reuben Peters €176,000
  • 9th Anders Pettersson €166,000

This final table was played at a very fast pace as it only took four hours to complete, which is very fast compared to most 9 man final tables.  On the very first hand of play Reuben Peters on one of the short stacks decided to go for it straight away and Flopped a set of Nines and ended up doubling up against Casper Hansen.  Hansen was left crippled after this but picked up pocket Queens and moved All In.  Unfortunately for him, he ran into Annette Obrestad with pocket Aces.  The Aces held up eliminating Hansen out in 9th place.

Only a few hands later Thierry Van den Berg was caught trying to bluff the pot on the river, moving All In against Daan Ruiter with the board showing :qs :kh :2d :ad :as and only having :8d :3s It was an easy call to make for Ruiter having :ah :4h and Van Den Berg was left to collect €47,650 in 8th place.

Michael Durrer was next to go, firstly by loosing the majority of his chips to Trond Eidsvig, and then he was eliminated by Obrestad.  Obrestad’s :ac :qd easily beating Durrer’s :ks :5h with neither player hitting the board.  Durrer won €66.370 for his 7th place finish.

Anders Pettersson found himself on the short stack at this point and decided to make a stand holding :qs :7d and was called by Eidsvig with :ad :4s Eidsvig paired his Four on the Flop and with the final board showing :2d :kc :4c :10s :2d was good enough to take the pot.  Pettersson was the fourth player to be eliminated in the first hour of play.

No long after Daan Ruiter lost all of his chips with in the space of 2 hands.  First he lost with :as :kd running into Reijo Manninen with pocket Aces.  Then on the next hand he threw all his chips into the middle with :as :10d but was dominated with a call from Obrestad holding :ac :jd Ruiter looked certain to be knocked out of the event after the Flop came down :jc :5c :2c and this was confirmed after the :6d fell on the Turn meaning he was drawing dead on the River.

Obrestad’s good run of cards continued as she then knocked Eidsvig out in 4th place.  Eidsvig moved All In pre Flop with pocket Jacks and was called by Obrestad, who again held pocket Aces.  The bullets held up for Obrestad and Eidsvig collected €127,630 finishing in 4th place. 

This win had put Obrestad way in front in the chip rankings with over 3 million in chips.  Reuben Peters was on 700,000 and Manninen was in last place on 280,000.

It didn’t take long before we down to heads up.  Manninen moved his short stack into the middle with :as :jd and was called by Obrestad with :ac :3c Even though she was behind Obrestad lucky streak continued, as she hit a Three on the Turn and this was enough to take the pot eliminating Manninen out in 3rd place.

Obrestad with this huge chip lead looked a big favourite to take this EPT title to go with there WSOPE main event win a few months back.  Peters’ though has other ideas firstly doubling up against Obrestad, and then moving into a small lead in the chip rankings.  The final hand came when Peters raised first of all pre Flop and was re-raised to which he called.  The Flop came down :10c :6h :3d Obrestad made a big bet and Peters moved All In.  Obrestad thought for a while before making the call revealing pocket Sevens.  Peters had top pair holding :as :10h The Turn came down with the :4c leaving Obrestad needing just one of her two remaining outs to fall on the River to survive.  The :3h on the River ended proceedings handing Peters the EPT title and the huge half million Euro’s top prize.  An unlucky end for Obrestad who in the last few months has proven she is one of the rising stars on the poker scene and one to look out for.

Final Standings:

  • 1st Reuben Peters €532,620
  • 2nd Annette Obrestad €297,800
  • 3rd Reijo Manninen €178,680
  • 4th Trond Eidsvig €127,630
  • 5th Daan Ruiter €105,510
  • 6th Anders Pettersson €83,380
  • 7th Michael Durrer €66.370
  • 8th Thierry van der Berg €47,650
  • 9th Casper Hansen €30,630



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