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Saturday, June 30, 2007 | Francis Lee


The World Championship Heads Up No Limit Hold’em event attracted a lot of interest at this years World Series of Poker 2007. The $5,000 buy in event started out with 392 players fighting for the $1,842,400 prize playing for three days, playing one on one having to beat your opponent to progress to the next round.When the event reached the third day we were down to eight players in four quarter final matches. Each winner going through into the semi finals and the loosers taking home $46,060 in prize money.

Quarter Final Line Up

  • Shannon Shorr vs. Vanessa Selbst
  • Jared Davis vs. Mark Muchnik
  • Toto Leonidas vs. Daniel Schreiber
  • Keith Block vs. Steve Sarrafzadeh

Toto Leonidas was the first players to exit the tournament in his match up against Daniel Schreiber. Schreiber called the big blind amount and Leonidas checked to see the Flop which came down :jc :10c :5s Schreiber checked and then called a $40,000 bet to see the :qc fall on the Turn. Schreiber again checked and then called a $150,000 bet from Leonidas and the :6s came down on the River. Schrieber checked and Leonidas moved All In for his remaining $400,000 in chips which was again called by Schreiber. Leonidas flipped over :jd :9d but was beaten by Schreiber with pocket Aces booking his seat in the semi finals.

Vanessa Selbst was the next player to win through to the semi finals beating Shannon Shorr in a close match. Selbst finally won the match when she was All In with :ac :10s against Shorr’s :as :2s The board came down :kh :jh :3d :10d :6s giving Selbst a pair of Tens winning the pot.

The match up between Jared Davis and Mark Muchnik was an exiting match to watch for the spectators, with both players adopting a very aggressive style of play and the chip stacks constantly moving from player to player. The match eventually ended when Davis moved All In with :qc :7c pre Flop. This was called by Muchnik holding :ac :2h The Flop gave Muchnik a pair of Aces but Davis had a good chance with a flush daw. Unfortunatley for Davis the flush never came, and Muchnik ended up with a full house with the final board showing :as :8c :3c :3h :3d

The final quarter final match to be completed between Keith Block and Steve Sarrefzedeh was the complete opposite to the last match. Play was slow with neither player making many moves, we had to wait for a while for it to be all over and this came when Sarrafzedeh picked up pocket Jacks and moved All In. Keith Block called this bet having pocket Kings and was in a great positon to progress to the next round. Blocks Kings held up sending Sarrafzedeh out of the tournament.

Semi Final Line up

  • Mark Muchnik vs Keith Block
  • Vanessa Selbst vs. Dan Schreiber

Dan Schreiber was the first player to book his final table seat when he beat Vanessa Selbst in a match that was very quickly over. Selbst moved All In holding :10h :9h with the Flop and Turn coming down :10s :5s :4c :8s Schreiber instantly called holding :js :3s leaving Selbst drawing dead on the River having a flush. The looser in each semi final won $128,968.

The second semi final between Mark Muchnik and Keith Block was also completed quickly. Muchnik made most of the plays grinding Block down, the final hand came when Block moved All In on the short stack with :ah :10h It was an easy call for Muchnik holding :kc :8d and the Flop came down :kh :jh :6c Block needed a Heart, Ace or Queen to come down on the final two cards to survive. The :3d on the Turn and :7d on the River gave Muchnik the win sending Block out of the tournament.

The final match up between Mark Muchnik and Dan Schreiber was a best of three match with either player needing to win twice to win the awaiting WSOP bracelet.

Dan Schreiber dominated the first match up but Muchnik managed to hold on for long periods. The final hand came on the 79th hand of play when Schreiber called every bet from Muchnik right down to the River with just a pair of Sevens. Muchnik mucked his cards after seeing the Seven meaning Scheiber must have made a very good read on what he thought Muchnik had.

The second match was a lot quicker ending in just 11 hands. Schreiber again dominating the early few hands of play gaining a good chip lead over Muchnik. The final hand came when Muchnik’s All In move holding :qh :8s was called by Schreiber with :kc :2s The board came down :as :kh :6h :10h :10d giving Schreiber his second win in a row ending Mark Muchnik’s tournament in 2nd place. Schreiber took home the $425,594 first prize and his very first WSOP bracelet.

WSOP 2007 Event 31 Result:

  • 1st Dan Schreiber $425,594
  • 2nd Mark Muchnik $230,000
  • 3rd Keith Block $128,968
  • 4th Vanessa Selbst $128,968
  • 5th Steve Saffafzedeh $46,060
  • 6th Jared Davis $46,060
  • 7th Shannon Shorr $46,060
  • 8th Toto Leonidas $46,060

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