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Thursday, July 19, 2007 | Francis Lee


Event 42 at the World Series of Poker 2007 was a $1,500 buy-in PL Omaha Hi-Low event, attracting a record amount of entrants for this type of tournament. 687 players entered the event creating a total prize pool of $937,755, 63 places were paid with the winner set to cash $227,454.

When we reached the end of day two, all 9 finalist were looking for there first WSOP bracelet win. David Bach was leading the field on $502,000 in chips, followed by Chad Brown and Lukasz Dumanski both having over $350,000. Dario Alioto and Mark Wilds both had less than $100k and needed to make a good start to day three.

Final Table Chip Rankings:

  • 1st David Bach $502,000
  • 2nd Chad Brown $390,000
  • 3rd Lukasz Dumanski $358,000
  • 4th James Tolley $282,000
  • 5th Gene Timberlake $143,000
  • 6th George Danzer $116,000
  • 7th Thomas Hant $114,000
  • 8th Mark Wilds $96,000
  • 9th Dario Alioto $61,000

Dario Alioto made a great start doubling up against George Danzer, hitting a full house Jacks over three’s bettering Danzar’s full house of Three’s over Aces. This crippled Danzer who then moved All In for his last $7,000 with :as :ad :7s :qc This was called by Thomas Hant with :ac :3h :4c :5h and the Flop came down :ah :2c :8d The :7h came down on the Turn and it was looking likely to be a split pot with Danzer leading with the highest hand trip Aces and Hant Guaranteed to take the low. The :qh changed this to give Hant a flush giving him the whole pot knocking Danzer out of the tournament in 9th place winning $13,597.

Mark Wilds was the next player to go shortly after running into Alioto with a set of Jacks with no low hand possible on the board. Alioto continuing his good run eliminating Wilds out in 8th place collecting $18,755 in prize money.

Thomas Hant then found himself All In with :ac :5d :ks :kd up against Gene Timberlake with :ah :ad :3h :10c The 10 in Timberlake’s hand was good enough to take the whole pot hitting trip tens with the board showing :10s :10d :5s :9s :qd and no low hand possible.

Dario Alioto’s good run came to an end when running into David Bach with pocket Kings when only having pocket Queens himself. The Kings won the pot with no possible low hand knocking Alioto out in 6th place winning $33,759.

Bach claimed his second victim in a row when calling down Chad Brown right down to the River until Brown was All In. Bach Hit his flush on the River with no low hand possible eliminating Brown out in 5th place winning $43,606.

David Bach dominating the table got his hatrick of knockouts when eliminating Gene Timberlake out into 4th place. Timberlake moved All In pre flop with :as :6d :8h :8s and was called by Bach with :kc :ks :7s :qh The board came down :9c :9d :7h :3h :qd giving Bach the win with two pairs Kings and Nines.

Lukasz Dumanski booked his place in the heads up showdown when he knocked out James Tolley into 3rd place. Tolley moved All In with :as :8c :jh :kd and was called by Dumanski with :ah :5h :5s :7d The board came down :8d :6d :3d :5c :4c giving Dumanski a set of Fives to win the high and 7 low beating Tolleys 8 low. Tolley won $91,000 for his 3rd placed finish.

Dumanski held a large chip advantage over Bach having 1.4 million in chips to Bach’s $650,000. It was all over on the very 1st hand of this heads up showdown. Bach moved All In with :jh :js :3c :6d and was called by Dumanski with :ac :ad :3s :qc Dumanski won both high and low hands with the final board showing :qh :8c :4c :3d :7s winning the event taking the WSOP bracelet and the $227,454 1st place prize.

WSOP 2007 Event 42 Result:

  • 1st Lukasz Dumanski $227,454
  • 2nd David Bach $139,725
  • 3rd James Tolley $91,900
  • 4th Gene Timberlake $60,485
  • 5th Chad Brown $43,606
  • 6th Dario Alioto $33,759
  • 7th Thomas Hant $25,319
  • 8th Mark Wilds $18,755
  • 9th George Danzer $13,597



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