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Saturday, June 9, 2007 | Francis Lee


Event seven at The World series of Poker 2007  was a Pot Limit Omaha Event, with re-buys for the first three hours of play and 1 add on allowed after this period had past.  It cost $5,000 to buy in, with each re-buy or add on costing a further $5,000.  The field was relatively small compared to some of the events that has completed this year, with only 145 players starting out.  The prize pool was shared between the top 18 players with 1st place taking a massive $825,956. 

The field was full of well known Poker Pro’s such as Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott, John Juanda, Mike Sexton, Allen Cunningham, Johnny Chan, Doyle Brunson and many others, making this a very tough field of players on paper.

At the end of day one it was John Juanda leading the chip rankings on $310,000 in chips with only 48 players left in the tournament, and with only 18 cash prizes on offer the pressure was really on the short stacks.  On day two the bubble finally burst with Chau Giang the lucky player out in 18th collecting $30,325, just making it into the cash prizes.

The final table had a host of well known players making it, with Humberto Renes looking for his second WSOP bracelet after winning in 2004 at Pot Limit Omaha and a Limit Hold’em event in 2005.  John Juanda winner of three WSOP bracelets and a total career earnings of $6.7 million, and Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott, from Hull in the UK, winner of one WSOP bracelet and a WPT event.

The final table chip rankings had Dave “Devilfish “Ulliott leading the field with 1.3 million in chips, followed by Erik Cajelais on just over $1million.  John Juanda chip leader after the first day was on the short stack with $220,000.

Final table chip standings:

  • 1st Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott $1,300,000
  • 2nd Eric Cajelais $1,075,000
  • 3rd Larry Jonsson $900,000
  • 4th Sirous Jamshieli $865,000
  • 5th Bert Boutin $460,000
  • 6th Robin Keston $335.000
  • 7th Humberto Brenes $275,000
  • 8th Minh Ly $240,000
  • 9th John Juanda $220,000

We didn’t’t have long to wait for the first elimination of this final table.  On only the Second hand Minh Ly made the first bet up to $105,000, Robin Keston moved All In for $150,000. Sirious Jamshidi re-raised this up to $300,000 which Ly called and put her All In. 

Ly’s cards = :ad :ah :7s :7h
Kestons cards = :kh :kd :8d :6d
Sirious’s cards = :as :js :ac :2c

The Flop came down :10s :9d :2d giving Keston a flush and a gun-shot straight draw making him favourite to take the pot.  The Turn :3h and River :6c didn’t hit Kestons flush or straight and he was out in 9th place winning $57,721.  The Pot was chopped between Ly and Sirious with both of them having Aces.

Not too much action took place for the next dozen hands and it wasn’t until the 16th hand when we lost our next player.  Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott limped into the pot for $40,000, Erik Cajelias called from the Small Blind and Humberto Brenes raised up to the Pot value of £120,000.  Devilfish called and Cajelais folded.  The Flop came down :6s :4h :2h Brenes moved All In and was immediately called by Devilfish.
Devilfish’s cards = :qd :qc :7h :6h
Brenes’s cards = :as :kh :8s :5s
Brenes was hoping to catch a 3 to get a straight and Devilfish needed a heart to catch the flush.  The Turn :9c was no help to either player but the River :qh gave Devilfish the flush putting himself back in the chip lead.  Brenes took home $79,710 in 8th place

John Juanda was the next player to go, on the short stack he raised up to $340,000 All In and was called by Erik Cajelais.
Juanda’s cards = :as :ah :8h :8d
Cajelias’s cards = :kc :qs :10s :10h
The Flop came down :js :9d :5c giving Cajelias an open ended straight draw but Juanda still had the lead with his pocket aces.  The Turn :4d didn’t help either player but the :qd on the River gave Cajelais the straight he was after, eliminating Juanda in 7th taking $107,196.

Larry Jonsson headed for the rail not long after, going out against Sirious Jamshidi.  Jamshidi made the first raise pre flop up to $210,000 which was called by Jonsson.  The Flop came down :8d :7c :5h Jonsson moved All In and was called by Jamshidi.

Jamshidi’s cards = :ad :as :js :3d
Jonsson’s cards = :10c :9c :9h :7s
The Turn :2d and River :jd gave Jamshidi an Aces high flush knocking Jonsson out in 6th winning $134,682.

This pot gave Jamshidi the overall chip lead on $1.6million just ahead of Erik Cajelais on $1.4m.  Minh Ly was on the short stack with $750,000 just behind both Devilfish on $995,000 and Burt Boutin on $845,000.

Shortly after this it was Minh Ly’s who was the next player to be knocked out of the tournament.  With $520,000 left in his chip stack he moved All In, Erik Cajelais called and both players flipped there cards.
Minh Ly’s cards = :as :qs :10h :9s
Cajelais’s cards = :ac :9c :kh :3h
It all went horribly wrong for Ly with the Flop coming down :kc :qc :5c giving Cajelais the nut flush.  Ly never recovered with the Turn :2s and River :6h confirming his exit in 5th winning $174,53.

The next knockout hand didn’t come until the 85th hand, Erik Cajelais bet $240,000 pre flop which Sirious Jamshidi called.  The Flop came down :8d :7h :2d Jamshidi moves All In and was Immediately called.
Cajelais’s cards = :qd :7d :9s :5s
Jamshidi’s cards = :kd :ks :7s :5s
Jamshidi’s pocket kings held the lead but Cajelais was on a flush and straight draw with two card to come.  The :ac was no help to either player but Cajelais took the lead with the :ad on the River giving him his flush.  Jamshidi was out in 4th winning $230,883.

Down the three players and all three had a decent sized chip stack, Cajelais held a small lead over Bert Boutin with them both having just over 2million and the Devilfish was on the short stack on 1.4million.

It only took six hand for us to reach the heads up point.  Devilfish limped in to the pot on the button and was raised by Cajelais from the small blind to $240,000.  Devilfish called and the Flop came down :8c :6s :2s Cajelais bet out $720,000 and Devilfish moved All In which was called.
Devilfish’s cards = :js :10h :9d :7s
Cajelais’s cards = :ad :jd :10c :8h
Devilfish was looking for either a straight or flush but needed to improve with Cajelais just in the lead with a pair of eights.  The Turn :3c and River :2d missed both players meaning Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott was out in 3rd place, taking $332,582 in 3rd place.

This win had put Cajelais in the chip lead with 3.5 million to Boutin’s 2.5m, and it wasn’t long before we had our winner.  First Boutin doubled up on the first hand of heads up play, hitting a flush on the Turn, when behind with Cajelais having a set of eights on the Flop.  The River didn’t improve Cajelais’d hand and Boutin took down a 4.5m pot.

Four hands after this it was all over, Boutin called from the small blind and was raised to $240,000.  Boutin called and the Flop came down :ac :jc :5c Cajelais moved All In and was called.
Boutin’s cards = :ad :qs :8s :7c
Cajelais’s cards = :ah :qh :10s :3c
Both players were practically level both having top pair and a queen kicker, but the Turn :7h gave Boutin the lead and the :4s on the River confirmed his win taking $825,956 and the WSOP gold bracelet.

A great win considering he was up against one of the toughest field’s in WSOP history for this event.  Boutin originally was going to give this tournament a miss but was talked into it by one of his friends. 

WSOP 2007 Event 7 Final Standings

  • 1st Burt Boutin $825,956
  • 2nd Erik Cajelais $483,755
  • 3rd Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott $332,582
  • 4th Sirious Jamshidi $230,883
  • 5th Minh Ly $174,537
  • 6th Larry Jonsson $134,682
  • 7th John Juanda $107,196
  • 8th Humberto Brenes $79,710
  • 9th Robin Keston $57,721

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