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Sunday, June 10, 2007 | Francis Lee


177 players entered the eleventh event at The World Series of Poker, which was scheduled to be the $5,000 buy-in World Championship Seven Card Stud tournament.  A large Majority of the field were well known pro’s with some of the biggest names in the poker world, looking to be crowned the Seven Card Stud Champion of 2007.

The top 24 places were paid with the winner set to receive $258,453,with a total prize pool of $846,000.  There were many fascinating battles seen across the card room with the large percentage of the players being poker proffesionals entering this event.  Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Isabelle Mercier, Sam Silverman and Layne Flack were at the same table.  Mike Sexton winner of this event in 1989, Jan Sorensen winner of a Seven Card Stud event in 2005 and Phil Ivey were locked in battle at the same table.

We were down to 86 players after the first day’s play, Chris Ferguson, Doyle Brunson, Greg Raymer Gus Hansen,  Jennifer Harman and Mike Sexton were amongst these unlucky players to bust out.  Theo Jorgensen held the chip lead with $66,000 in chips and Allen Cunningham was in last place on the short stack with $1,100.

Day two would narrow the field down to eight players to fight for the win on the final table.  When we eventually reached the end of day two, the final table was filled with very well known players making this one of the toughest line ups seen at this years series.  Phil Ivey five time WSOP bracelet winner, said to be one of the best players on the poker circuit was in a good position to take his sixth.  Marco Traniello at his second final table at this years WSOP.  David Oppenheim a sponsored pro online at Full Tilt poker.  Ted Lawson a WSOP bracelet winner in 2004 with a lifetime earnings of 1.4million.

David Oppenheim was sat at the top of the chip rankings leader board with $609,000, followed by Phil Ivey in second on $322,000.  Marco Traniello was on the short stack with $30,000, also under pressure was Ted Lawson on $90,000

Final Table Chip Standings:

  • 1st David Oppenheim $609,000
  • 2nd Phil Ivey $322,000
  • 3rd Pat Pezzin $234,000
  • 4th Theo Jorgensen $229,000
  • 5th Oriane Teysseire $195,000
  • 6th Chris Reslock $141,000
  • 7th Ted Lawson $90,000
  • 8th Marco Traniello $30,000

It was Marco Traniello on the short stack who was first to go, playing a tight game to make this final table he needed to make a move with the ante being at $3,000 and the bring in at $5,000 before being blinded out.  He ran in to Phil Ivey holding a solid hand and took home $19,458 in eighth place.

The play continued to be aggressive throughout the early stages, with everyone wanting to build up there chip stacks to have a chance of winning this event.  Oriane Teyssiere the third female to make a final table at this years WSOP was up against  Chris Reslock All In by the fifth street. 
Teyssiere’s cards = :qh :jh :9h :6c :2h
Reslock’s cards = :7d :5s :ac :10d :7h
Reslock held the lead with pocket sevens but Teyssiere needed a heart to complete her flush.  Reslock hit trips on the sixth street and Teysseire never recovered missing her flush on the last two cards, and was out in 7th winning $27,072.

Ted Lawson was the next player to head for the rail shortly after this, Lawson was All In against Reslock by the fifth street and Reslock hit a full house on the sixth street to eliminate Lawson in 6th winning $35,532.

Play slowed down at this point and we had to wait till the 59th hand before we had our next knockout hand.  Theo Jorgensen went All In on the short stack for $79,000 and was called by Reslock.  Reslock hit a King high flush eliminating Jorgensen with two pair Tens and Three’s.  Jorgensen took the $46,530 prize for 5th place.

Down to four players and the chip rankings were very even with David Oppenheim still in the chip lead with $583,000.  Not far behind was Phil Ivey on $410,000 just ahead of third placed Pat Pezzin on $385,000.  Chris Reslock was on the short stack with $367,000.

Play continued to be tight with not a lot of chips being thrown into the pot, this was until we reached the 85th hand of play.  Pat Pezzin was All In on the 3rd street with two pair against David Oppenheim with a pair of Sixes.  Oppenheim hit trip Sixes on the last card against Pezzin who didnt improve on his two pair Jacks and Three’s and was out in 4th winning $61,335.
Pezzin’s final hand = :jd :js :3s :3h :9c :ad :5d
Oppenheim’s hand = :6c :6d :10c :9h :8c :3d :6s

Chris Reslock was on the short stack at this point, but came back well over the next forty hands taking the chip lead off David Oppenheim, and then eliminating him into 3rd place.  On the fourth street Oppenheim moved All In and was called by Reslock.  Oppenheim held a top pair early on but didn’t improve going out to Reslock holding two pairs Seven’s and Deuces.

The heads up showdown didn’t last too long with the event being decided on the 6th hand of heads up play.  Both players were All In on the 6th street.
Phil Ivey had :7c :7h :8h :qd :8s :9s
Reslock had :10c :10s :4d :10d :kd :2d
Trip tens against two pairs Sevens and Eights.  Reslock received the :jh on the seventh street and Ivey mucks with out improving.  Chirs Reslock win the Seven Card Stud World Championship  taking $258,453 and the WSOP bracelet.
WSOP Seven Card Stud World Championship Result:

  • 1st Chris Reslock $258,453
  • 2nd Phil Ivey $143,820
  • 3rd David Oppenheim $93,060
  • 4th Pat Pezzin $61,335
  • 5th Theo Jorgensen $46,530
  • 6th Ted Lawson $35,532
  • 7th Oriane Teysseire $27,072
  • 8th Marco Traniello $19,458

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