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Sunday, July 13, 2008 | Francis Lee


The World Series of Poker 2008 main event had reached day four with just 474 players left of the 6,844 starting field, all hoping to win the $9 million dollar first place prize on offer. Once the cards were in the air there was a lot of “All In and Call” announcements from the dealers around the Amazon card room, with the eliminations starting as early as the first hand of play.

Event 17 winner David Ritter tournament life came to an end in the first few hands. He was ahead on the Flop holding :ac :9s with a pair of Aces. His opponent held :qc :3s and didn’t seem to have much chance of winning. This was until the :qs and :3c completed the board beating the Aces with two pair. Robert Mizrachi was also ahead with :ks :js pairing a Jack on the Flop against his opponent with :qh :jh but the :qs on the River eliminated Mizrachi from the event.

Brian Schaedlich who led after day 2a had a bad third day and was short stacked at the start of day 4. The end came for Brian when he got his last chips in with :ac :9s and was out drawn by :qc :7h with a Queens falling on the Turn. Jean-Robert Bellande also headed for the rail early on when his flopped top pair was beaten by his opponent sucking out getting a runner - runner straight on the last two cards.

As the first level progressed Chris Bjorn’s :as :qs was beaten by :ah :6s which made a straight on the final board showing :5c :jd :7h :8c :9d Krill Gerasimov pocket Kings was cracked by a big slick pairing an Ace on the Flop and Bertrand Grospellier went in exactly the same way soon after. Over 100 players had been eliminated by the time the first level of play had ended.

The fast pace continued after the break and by the time the next break came along there as just 280 players left. With in this time Tom Hanlon found his :ac :js no good against Gus Hansen’s :kh :qd with a King falling on the Flop. Magnus Petersson’s :as :7c was dominated against his opponents :ah :kh and the two time world champion Johnny Chan got his last chips in with :as :7h loosing out to pocket Eights.

As we got past the half way point Mike Ngo headed for the rail when his :kd :qs was beaten by :ad :4s when an Ace came down on the Turn. Van Nguyen’s pocket Eights lost in a race against :ks :qs when a King connected on the Flop. Ziv Bahar’s :as :6h was dominated by :ac :8c and lost out with an Eight coming down on the Flop and Evelyn Ng found her pocket Tens no good against pocket Kings.

Once the next break approached the tournament director Jack Effel announced that there was only going to be one more level of play as there was just 216 contestants left. The last session’s play was a bit tighter with just 27 players being eliminated before the end.

The notables who was eliminated in this session was Scott Carpenter who’s pocket jacks lost out to his opponents pocket Tens as he hit a runner - runner straight. Alexander Borteh headed for the rail when his flopped two pair ran into a flopped set of Fives. Virgil Beddingfeild also went when he ran into pocket Aces with pocket Nines and Steve Billirakis found his pocket Eights no good against David Rheem’s pocket Queens.

One of the last hands of the day saw the run away chip leader Jeremy Jospeh’s lead cut down by Cristian Dragomir in one of the biggest pots of the day. This win put Dragomir in second place in the chip rankings on $2 million in chips, just behind Joseph on $2.1 million.

Play was suspended with 189 players left in the tournament with just under 40 minutes left on clock of level 19. The notable players still in the field include Mark Vos, Gus Hansen, Victor Ramdin, Alexander Kostritsyn, Allen Cunningham, Jeff Madsen, Mike Matusow, Hoyt Corkins and the only former WSOP champion left in the field Phil Hellmuth. The top ten chip leader going into day five looked as follows.

WSOP 2008 Main Event Day 4 Chip Leaders.

  • 1st Jeremy Joseph $2,187,000
  • 2nd Cristian Dragomir $2,065,000
  • 3rd Chino Rheem $2,000,000
  • 4th Nikolay Losev $1,800,000
  • 5th Andrew Rosskamm $1,745,000
  • 6th Nicholas Sliwinski $1,700,000
  • 7th Darus Suharto $1,650,000
  • 8th Justin Saransk’s $1,610,000
  • 9th James McManus $1,600,000
  • 10th Mark Kettering ham $1,600,000



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