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Friday, February 15, 2008 | Francis Lee


The next stage of the World Series of Poker Circuit tour was held in the Harrah’s Rincon Resort & Casino. 148 players entered the $5,000 buy in main event which pushed the total prize pool to $706,800. The top 18 finishers cashed in with the first place prize set at $229,002.

After two days play we reached the final table stage of the event, with the last nine players battling it out for the top prize and WSOP Circuit Ring. Edward Sabat started off in the lead in the chip rankings at the start of the final table, with $854,000 in chips, Kenny Bedoya was just behind on $701,500 with the rest of the field way behind needing to catch up. The official final table chip rankings was as follows:

Final Table Chip Rankings:

  • 1st Edward Sabat $854,000
  • 2nd Kenny Bedoya $701,500
  • 3rd David Peters $442,000
  • 4th Lee Watkinson $337,000
  • 5th Gavin Smith $197,000
  • 6th Damien Oborne $124,000
  • 7th Michael Pickett $121,000
  • 8th Cristian Avendano $96,500
  • 9th Jon Eaton $75,000

Jon Eaton on the short stack doubled up against Gavin Smith in the early exchanges taking his chip stack to $165,000 in chips. This didn’t stop him going out as on the very next hand he had all his chips in with :as :js He was up against David Peters who had :ks :jd and was favorite to double up again. This was until Peters rivered a Broadway straight with the final board coming down :5d :qd :8d :10s :ac sending Eaton to the rail in 9th place.

David Peters continued his good start by eliminating Damien Oborne out in 8th place shortly after Eaton’s exit. Oborne moved his short stack All In with :ah :5s and was up against Peter’s :kc :10h The final board came down :10c :3d :8s :js :9c pairing Peter’s Ten to hand him the pot.

The fast pace of this table didn’t stop there as the next two players out went in quick succession. The first to go was Lee Watkinson who moved All In with pocket Fours, but ran into Gavin Smith with pocket Tens. No One hit the board leaving Watkinson to go out in 7th place. On the next hand Gavin Smith pushed All In with :qh :10h and was called by Kenny Bedoya with :as :jc Bedoya paired an Ace on the flop and Smith never recovered to take 6th place.

Not long after Bedoya was involved in a big pot against Christian Avendano. Avendano pushed All In from an early position with pocket Sevens, but found himself dominated by Bedoya’s pocket Eights. Bedoya hit a set with the first card out on the Flop, which was easily good enough with the final board showing :8h :jd :kd :4s :2c

This was where Bedoya’s luck ran out, he got involved in another large pot, this time with Michael Pickett. No one raised until the first four cards came down :7d :6h :qc :5h Bedoya made the first raise, Pickett re raised the minimum and Bedoya moved All In. Pickett’s instantly called showing :8d :4d having made a straight leaving Bedoya’s :ah :qc drawing dead on the River.

The heads up showdown line up was decided on a coin flip situation between Sabat and Peters. Peter’s pocket Eights held up against Sabat’s :ac :9s with the final board coming down :3d :kh :7d :10d :6c Sabat collected $70,680 finishing in 3rd place.

Even though Pickett’s had a 2-1 chip lead over Peters it took nearly an hour of play for it to be all over. The final hand came when both players saw a flop of :3s :9c :ad Pickett made the first bet and Peter’s called. The exact same happened again after the :7d came down on the Turn. The :jc followed on the River, Picketts lead out again and Peters moved All In holding :jh :9h having two pair. Picketts called having :10d :8s having the straight to take down the event win.
Final Standings:

  • 1st: Michael Pickett $229,002
  • 2nd: David Peters $120,156
  • 3rd: Edward Sabat $70,680
  • 4th: Kenny Bedoya $56,544
  • 5th: Cristian Avendano $42,408
  • 6th: Gavin Smith $35,340
  • 7th: Lee Watkinson $28,272
  • 8th: Damien Oborne 21,204
  • 9th: Jon Eaton $14,136



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