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Full Tilts FTOPS Series 4 Review events 1-5 | Live & Online Poker Tournament News
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Full Tilts FTOPS Series 4 Review events 1-5

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 | Francis Lee

full tilt poker

Full Tilt held their fourth series of the FTOPS tournament events commencing on Friday 11th May with a daily tournament running for nine days ending with the main event on Sunday 20th May. Giving away a total guaranteed $4 million dollars. The winner of each event gets an exclusive gold FTOPS jersey and a personalised avatar as well as the big prize money on offer.

FTOPS 4 Event No. 1: $300,000-Guaranteed No-Limit Hold’em

Friday 11th may

The opening tournament a $200 buy in with a guaranteed prize pool of $300,000 attracted 2573 players, the eventual prize pool smashed the guarantee by around two thirds at $514,600. Most of the Full Tilt sponsored pro’s were in attendance with Lynette Chan going the furthest finishing in 57th place collecting $1,029.

When we got to the final table Aaron”get_that”Kanter 4th place prize winner in the WSOP main event in 2005 and Eric “sheets” Haber were the most well known players.

It was Aaron”get_that”Kanter who came out victorious dominating the table from the start and collected the first prize of $94,403 along with his exclusive jersey and avatar.

The final standings:

  • 1st Aaron “get_that” Kanter - $94,403
  • 2nd mathiss - $57,944
  • 3rd TCarrico - $37,926
  • 4th Klovnen - $30,258
  • 5th Swami54 - $22,900
  • 6th Eric “sheets” Haber - $16,467
  • 7th nickcee - $12,093
  • 8th ruwithme - $9,469
  • 9th Quaternius - $7,204

FTOPS 4 Event No. 2: $150,000-Guaranteed
Saturday 12th May

Saturday nights Pot Limit Omaha with rebuys event attracted 746 players with the $100 buy in. With 1128 re buys and 340 add on’s the prize pool reached $221,400 paying down to 72nd place. The Full Tilt sponsored pro’s faired better this tournament with Ross Boatman finishing in 13th place collecting $1661.

There was two well known names on the final table with Annette_15-Annette Obrestad and The_Dean221-Grayson Nichols, but neither player went far with Annette going out in 9th winning $3985 and Nichols going out in 7th winning $6863.

It was Turpfan2 who’s solid play throughout who came through to take home the $53,136 first prize along with his exclusive jersey and avatar.

The final standings

  • 1st Terpfan2 - $53,136
  • 2nd SirWatts - $33,210
  • 3rd bigojimbo - $24,908
  • 4th grgimpy - $18,819
  • 5th HitUR2outer - $14,391
  • 6th WinstonConnelly - $9,963
  • 7th Grayson “The_Dean221” Nichols - $6,863
  • 8th Emmet Fitz_Hume - $5,314
  • 9th Annette “Annette_15” Obrestad - $3,985

FTOPS 4 Event No. 3: $750,000 Guaranteed

Sunday 13th May

The biggest turn out so far for the third tournament in the series playing No limit holdem with the buy in at £300 and a guaranteed prize pool of $750,000. 2995 players entered the tournament breaking the guarantee by over 20 % with a total of $898,500.

This was a good turn out considering there were the regular weekly big events being held at Poker Stars and Party Poker.

Full Tilt’s sponsored pro’s were out in force but he most notable well known name on online poker hit21hit going furthest in the tournament, going out in 12th place winning $8,985, just 2 places before the final table. Terry Grayson-Eischens also did well going far in the tournament before being eliminated in 27th place, winning $3,414.

The final table was a fast moving table with the chip lead swinging from player to player and it wasn’t long before we were heads up between Homerindoors the eventual winner and Kice32. Homerindoors taking home the 1st place prize of $164,425.50.

The final standings

  • 1st Homerindoors - $164,425.50
  • 2nd kice32 - $100,632
  • 3rd Antplays - $65,590.50
  • 4th HibachiMahi - $52,113
  • 5th funkdawg - $39,534
  • 6th skip1640 - $28,482.45
  • 7th lodscarface - $21,024.90
  • 8th facefirat - $16,532.40
  • 9th RUSHMULLER - $12,579

FTOPS 4 Event No. 4: $1,000 By In $300,000 Guaranteed No-Limit Hold’em

Monday 14th May

Normally on a Monday Full Tilt holds the $1,000 buy in event attracting on average around 200-300 players. This event was replaced with the FTOPS Monday $1,000 buy in with a boosted guarantee of $300,000. This was completely smashed with just over 900 players entering creating a total prize pool of $908,000 giving 1st place $208,840, around three times more than the guarantee exceeding all expectations.

The large buy-in attracted some well known pros including Cory Carroll the recent winner of the 2007 WSOP Circuit tournament event at Caesars palace in Las Vegas wining over half a million dollars first prize last month.

Team Full Tilt’s sponsored pro’s were there as well with Erick Lindgren going furthest in the tournament busting out in 14th place, winning him $6,356. Other notable players who made the money finishes included lordhutty in10th winning $8,626, kwob20-Kyle Bowker in 11th place winning $8,626, PearlJammed-Jon Turner in 21st place winning $3,541, and of course UGOTPZD-Cory Carroll in 23rd place winning $3,541.

The eventual winner CalBandGreat is making quite a name for himself online with two final table finishes in April on the Poker Stars Millions event and the Poker Stars Sunday Warm Up. Collecting the 1st prize of $208,840 even rivalled the Poker Stars 1st place prize payout with this massive prize pool.

The final standings:

  • 1st CalBandGreat - $208,840
  • 2nd cheesemonster - $131,660
  • 3rd DF_Newbie - $97,610
  • 4th Lutteur - $74,910
  • 5th agent007 - $56,750
  • 6th PlzWarnMe - $40,860
  • 7th eatschips - $27,240
  • 8th SteadyCash - $21,247.20
  • 9th caressmedown - $15,436

FTOPS 4 Event No. 5: $100,000 Guaranteed H.O.S.E. Event

Tuesday 15th May

The H.O.S.E event attracted 651 entrants to creating a prize pool of $130,200, 30 % more than guaranteed $100,000 paying up to 65th place. These mixed game events continually attract more and more online players seeing an increase in these types of tournaments across the online poker rooms out there. H.O.S.E event consists of four poker games, Texas hold’em, Omaha eight‘s orbetter, seven card stud, and seven card stud eight’s or better, playing each game in turn as the blinds increase.

There were a few well known pro’s in the line up at this event including the mman_status finishing in 26th place, bigdogpckt5s-Casey Jarzabek finishing in 27th place, and I Am Ari-Ari Engel finishing in 32nd place each winning $846. The best placed Full Tilt sponsored pro was Allen Cunningham, who finished in 43rd place winning $749.

Cardsharps dominance of he final table earned him the 1st place prize of £32,550 with his good all round play across all four games, a must in these types of tournaments especially at the final table stage of the tournament,. This is where the blinds are big and can easily eat into your stack and ruin some players rhythm with the switching from game to game.

The final standings

  • 1st Cardsharps_net - $32,550
  • 2nd AC Pro - $21,483
  • 3rd mogy1 - $13,020
  • 4th missbosshogsir - $7,551.60
  • 5th BadgerDawg - $4,687.20
  • 6th Jaysick88 - $3,515.40
  • 7th Scuba332 - $2,538.90
  • 8th MissHerpes - $1,887.90

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