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Saturday, May 26, 2007 | Francis Lee


FTOPS 4 Event No. 6: $400,000-Guaranteed No-Limit Hold’em              

Wednesday 16th May

Event 6 of the FTOPS series saw the short handed (6 player tables) $400,000 guaranteed on limit holdem event attract 2,555 entrants with the buy in at a very good $200. This in turn increased the prize pool to $511,000.  This whopping prize pool offered just over $100,00 first place prize to the winner.

It didn’t take too long to get to the money places as playing short handed poker always seems to speed proceedings up a great deal. The notable money finisher in this tournament was the FTOPS 4 event 4  winner CalBandGreat going out in 11th position making it onto the final 2 tables, and myrabbifoo Illya Trincher known around the live and online poker scene making the final table but going out in 6th place.

Rc Hoop was the eventual winner taking just over $100,000 but was made to work hard for this win, at one point three players were looking good for the final three places but RcHoop fought back and snatched victory with some aggressive play.

The Final Standings:

  • 1st rc hoop - $100,647
  • 2nd phi1430 - $63,773
  • 3rd FoldTOcash - $44,048
  • 4th jklaen - $33,470
  • 5th phil_lee 81 - $23,762
  • 6th Illya “myrabbifoo” Trincher - $15,841

FTOPS 4 Event No. 7: $100,000-Guaranteed Pot-Limit Omaha Eight or Better

Thursday 17th May

The seventh event of the FTOPS series once again surpassed the guarantee on offer with a total prize pool of $186,000. 930 players entered with the buy in at $200 paying 90 places playing pot limit Omaha eight’s or better.

The usual well known online poker players and sponsored pro’s were in attendance with emptyseat888 Scott Fischman only just avoided the bubble going out in 90th place, and the best all round player of FTOPS2 GB2005 Gary Bodanski went out in 47th place.

The final table was filled with well known players all with notable finishes on the poker stars millions event, as well as CardSharps_net winner of the FTOPS 4 event 5 just two days ago, not a bad week for CardSharps coming second in this event wining $26,970.

He was just beaten to first place by ArgentinaBoy in a tight heads up showdown. Argentineboy taking the top prize of $42,780 as well as the exclusive jersey and avatar.

The Final standings

  • 1st ArgentinaBoy - $42,780
  • 2nd Cardsharps_net - $26,970
  • 3rd VARICO - $19,995
  • 4th DedA35 - $15,345
  • 5th 8fivesuited - $11,625
  • 6th BKqzbxt - $8,370
  • 7th IBluffUOut4 - $5,580
  • 8th Buffoonery - $4,352.40
  • 9th ALLINCUNNINGHA - $3,162

FTOPS 4 Event No. 8: $150,000 Guaranteed Pot Limit Hold’em

Friday 18th May

1,072 players entered the 8th event in the FTOPS 4 series playing Pot limit hold’em. The original guaranteed prize pool of $150,000 was again surpassed going just past the $214,400 mark.

The buy in was a very reasonable $200 paying up to 153rd place. The Pro’s in attendance didn’t fair too well in this tournament with David Singer going furthest finishing just 10 places before the money meaning not one single pro cashed in. Mike Matusow, Aaron Bartley and David Chiu the other most notable names entering.

It didn’t take long to reach the final table and it was Imper1um who won 1st place taking the $40,000 prize. Imper1um became the first player to win two FTOPS series tournament events winning an event in the previous FTOPS series.

He held the lead throughout with some aggressive play and this final table was the quickest to end out of any of the previous 7 FTOPS tournaments played so far. Quite surprising considering it was Pot Limit Hold’em normally a slower game.

Final Standings:

  • 1st Imper1um - $40,971
  • 2nd A G WIJK - $25,299
  • 3rd Quad Stacks - $17,580
  • 4th Silly life - $13,507
  • 5th Dubbeemin - $10,291
  • 6th Dirzas - $7,504
  • 7th DK13 - $ 5,467
  • 8th Oi Vey - $4,395
  • 9th Thruxton181 - $3,323

FTOPS 4 Event No. 9: $250,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold’em with Re-buys

Saturday 19th May

The penultimate tournament in the FTOPS series offered a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000, great value for the $100 buy in even though it was a re-buy.  Possibly very costly to the more looser player out there who like to try and build a decent chip stack by the time we get past the buy in period and into the knock out phase.

Over 1,300 entrants started out the tournament, only 126 players were paid which made it tough for players trying to hang on short stacked to make it into the money, but it sat at a nice $343,000 making all the hard work all worthwhile.

FTOPS event 8 winner Imper1um lead with the chip lead in the early stages but became unstuck loosing some big pots and eventually busting out in 20th place winning just over $1,000. Berry Johnson five time winner in the WSOP tournament events and winner of the WSOP main event in 1986 was the furthest finishing full tilt sponsored pro going out in 90th place winning jus over $500.   The only other pro to cash in was Stuart “The Donator” Paterson leaving the tournament in 111th place.

With $75,000 dollars on offer to the winner the final table started out slowly with the chips spread quite evenly across the field, and no one wanting to go out early on with a $10,000 increase in prize money the difference between finishing in 9th and finishing in 6th.

They say good fortune rewards the brave and this was the case when TheFatFISH took control of the final table knocking out a few opponents along the way. He never looked back from this point onwards and took down the win from Ballabones head up. Ballabones doing well almost coming back but fell short in the end taking $48,034 for second place leaving TheFatFISH winner of the $75,482 first place prize.

Final Standings

  • 1st Thematic - $75,482
  • 2nd Ballabones - $48,034
  • 3rd Esko20 - $35,167
  • 4th Thebirdman84 - $27,876
  • 5th NoBadBeatsPlz - $21,443
  • 6th Jimmie23 - $15,439
  • 7th Amosa - $9,949
  • 8th Big kimo - $7,205
  • 9th Razor is a nit - $5,283

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