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Wednesday, April 1, 2009 | Francis Lee


Poker Stars Million

The Poker Stars Million event attracted the largest field of 7,651 entrants this week’s big online poker tournaments.  The total prize pool created by this field reached just over $1.5 million dollars.  The first place prize was set at $187,449.50 with the rest of the prize pool being shared down to 1170th place.

Once the final table of nine players had been reached AmirSF held a healthy chip lead with just over $16 million in chips with second placed ILLOS72 having just over $11 million.  The short stacked player matt1269 had just over $3 million in chips and had a lot of work to do.

Play through out the final table was quite aggressive with a lot of coin flip situations coming about.  This helped reduce the field quickly and once there was only four players left a deal was struck to split the money.  AmirSF was the big chip leader so took the most from the split taking $142,970.  ILLOS72 had the next big stack so took $108,780 and RoxmorE who had a similar stack to HuBaer guaranteed themselves over $90,000 each. As per Poker Stars rules $30,000 was left for the eventual winner.  Considering fourth place was originally set to be paid $69.624 and third place was $85,691 every one ensured themselves a big pay day.

From this point onwards RoxmorE had the best of the play eliminating both ILLOS72 and HuBaer into third and fourth place.  This put him in the chip lead against AmirSF going into heads up with a 2-1 chip lead.  After twelve hours play the final hand came when RoxmorE got his chips in with :6c :6h and came up against :kc :7c The pocket pair held up giving RoxmorE the victory and the additional $30,000 boosting his winnings to $121,664.40.

Final Standings

  • *1st RoxmorE $121,664.40
  • *2nd AmirSF $142,970.07
  • *3rd HuBaer582 $95,744.61
  • *4th ILIOS72 $108,780.23
  • 5th detroitj6 $54,322.10
  • 6th  ikszoorn $39,020.10
  • 7th Coconut Soda $26,778.50
  • 8th Matt1269 $17,597.30
  • 9th MarleyGroup $10,711.40

* four-way split, $30,000 left to go to the eventual winner

Full Tilt $750,000 Guaranteed

The prize pool at this weeks $750,000 guaranteed event at Full Tilt was topped by just $37,400.  3,937 entran6ts started out all looking to win the $139,409 first place prize.  The final 522 players left in the tournament would all make the money.  This event took a total of 10 hours to complete.

Flipchik24 battled through the stages and got himself into the chip lead going into the final table with $2.2 million in chips.  The rest of the field was bunched together with the short stack having over $600,000 in chips.

Flipchik24 managed to get to heads up still in the lead and had a $3 million chip advantage over his opponent LudvigA.  Unfortunately he couldn’t hang onto this lead as LudvigA battled back to win the event.  The final hand came for Flipchik24 when his :jc :10s was beaten by :as :kd

Final Standings

  • 1st LudvigA $139,409.17
  • 2nd flipchik24 $84,251.80
  • 3rd toetagu $55,118
  • 4th BegsClutch- $43,464.48
  • 5th BP7000 $32,598.36
  • 6th auhoman $24,173.18
  • 7th Nordberg $18,110.20
  • 8th Brundaddy $14,173.20
  • 9th Dman112 $10,551.16

Other Results

Poker Stars Sunday 500

  • Players - 986
  • Prize Pool - $500,000

Final Standings

  • 1st KingKobeMVP $91,250
  • 2nd VuaZiTo $66,450
  • 3rd derek8 $50,000
  • 4th Spartanfan87 $37,500
  • 5th Tired Loser $26,250
  • 6th JMPRODIGY $21,250
  • 7th gkap13 $16,250
  • 8th madjoker666 $11,250
  • 9th ILAN17 $7,000

Poker Stars Sunday Warm up

  • Players - 4,772
  • Prize Pool - $944,400

Final Standings

  • 1st bundy604 $120,883.20
  • 2nd Eham5 $84,523.80
  • 3rd homanga $56,286.24
  • 4th scarface0928 $47,200
  • 5th profontaine $37,776
  • 6th PiKappRaider $28,332
  • 7th HustlerGrune $18,888
  • 8th skrabukes $11,332.80
  • 9th Scarer $7,336.32

Full Tilt Sunday Mulligan

  • Players - 1,346
  • Prize Pool - $269,200

Final Standings

  • 1st thebidster $59,224
  • 2nd supanova99 $37,688
  • 3rd acumen53 $27,593
  • 4th vanBommelll $21,782.50
  • 5th grimmy101 $16,285
  • 6th joonklee $12,114
  • 7th folds00 $7,806.80
  • 8th I Sycho I $5,653.20
  • 9th Dirky D $4,145.68

Full Tilt Sunday Brawl

  • Players - 2,382
  • Prize Pool - $476,400

Final Standings

  • 1st lolli82 $97,161.78
  • 2nd WiLDmAn75 $62,884.80
  • 3rd mcc3991 $46,687.20
  • 4th bokpower $35,253.60
  • 5th gboro780 $24,772.80
  • 6th DuckU $16,197.60
  • 7th Raisin Daisy $10,957.20
  • 8th paddiewaddie $7,622.40
  • 9th gerlucker $5,716.80



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