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Tuesday, March 24, 2009 | Francis Lee


Poker Stars Million

This weeks Poker Stars Million tournament attracted 7,906 players which created a total prize pool of $1,599,800.  The first place prize was set at $193,697 with the rest of the prize pool going to the top 1,170 finishers.

Once the final table was set bbs99 held the chip lead with over $16 million in chips.  Just behind was the current WCOOP main event champion Carter King and *xen was third.  It turned out to be these three players left to fight out the final three positions.  That was until King eliminated bbs99 to take the chip lead going into heads up.  *xen came back and almost won the event with :ks :10h when hitting two pair on the Turn when King only had pocket Eights.  King tournament was saved when the :8s fell on the River giving him back the overall chip lead.  This spelt the end for *xen as shortly after he ran pocket Nines into pocket Jacks giving Carter King the victory.

Final Standings

  • 1st  Carter “ckingusc” King $193,697
  • 2nd  *xen $130,607.12
  • 3rd  bbs99 $88,457.20
  • 4th  reef2287 $71,944.60
  • 5th  Liqqa $56,132.60
  • 6th  Craig “1GENERAL_TAO” Bergeron $40,320.60
  • 7th  bigsexyKN $27,671
  • 8th  Rabbiej $18,183.80
  • 9th  Terris “tpreston” Preston $11,068.40

Full Tilt $750,000 Guaranteed

3,926 players entered the $750.000 Guaranteed event at Full Tilt all fighting to win the $139,019 set out for the winner.  A host of Full Tilt pro’s were in the field, with the best finishers outside the final table being Jeremy “chipsteela”Menard (10th place), Josh “professor plum”Prager (48th place), Cliff “JohnnyBax” Joesephy (92nd place) and Carter King who won first place at the Poker Stars Sunday Million (50th place).

Once the final table was reached PureLuck123 was leading the field on $2 million in chips just ahead of notre_damer in second.  It was these two who battled through to the heads up showdown and they ended up finishing in the same order.  PureLuck123 finished off the event by hitting a set of Nines on the Flop when his opponent had hit top pair with :jd :ks

Final Standings

  • 1st PureLuck132 $139,019.66
  • 2nd notre_damer $94,016.40
  • 3rd AsMetzmagnyAs $54,964
  • 4th chinxu $43,343.04
  • 5th ep1 $32,507.28
  • 6th Jacob “quadducks” Spelman $24,105.64
  • 7th dahotshot $18,059.60
  • 8th SCNoodle $14,133.60
  • 9th spence $10,521.68

Other Results

Poker Stars Sunday 500

  • Players - 990
  • Prize Pool $500,000

Final Standings

  • 1st  Joey Capp $91,250
  • 2nd browry $66,450
  • 3rd Isaac “westmenloAA” Baron $50,000
  • 4th Mike “WiscoMurray” Murray $37,500
  • 5th nikov $26,250
  • 6th SenorPokes $21,250
  • 7th ColdCall26 $16,250
  • 8th aconsuma $11,250
  • 9th javel $7,000

Poker Stars Sunday Warm up

  • Players - 4,353
  • Prize Pool - $870,600

Final Standings

  • 1st Buton77 $112,307.40
  • 2nd James “” Mackey $78,354
  • 3rd Quagmire $52,236
  • 4th dj_ponytale $45,530
  • 5th grebnrets86 $34,824
  • 6th DeacNutt $26,118
  • 7th Ar Schaflme $17,412
  • 8th p5an $10,882.50
  • 9th don_beppe $7,051.86

Full Tilt Sunday Mulligan

  • Players - 1,301
  • Prize Pool - $260,200

Final Standings

  • 1st bokpower $57,244
  • 2nd AreTheseUtz $36,428
  • 3rd Boxy Brown 1 $26,670.50
  • 4th da1959 $21,141.25
  • 5th princetendee $16,262.50
  • 6th Liina Love $11,709
  • 7th The2Kid2 $7,545.80
  • 8th BigJesus2 $5,464.20
  • 9th DOOLfan $4,007.08

Full Tilt Sunday Brawl

  • Players - 2,130
  • Prize Pool - $426,000

Final Standings

  • 1st janthej6 $86,822.70
  • 2nd Amktopo5676 $56,232
  • 3rd Stuart Paterson $41,748
  • 4th toilet22 $31,254
  • 5th PokerGPScom $22,152
  • 6th REloader1 $14,484
  • 7th KP-Angelo $9,798
  • 8th Bernie Kosar $6,816
  • 9th KILLFISH22 $5,112



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