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Wednesday, May 9, 2007 | Francis Lee

poker jb_dog

6th May 2007

Over 6500 players entered the poker stars million event Sunday night, with over $1.3 million dollars in the prize pool, its fast increasing popularity grows each week pushing the prize past the guarantee with ease each week. JB_Dog took home the massive $191,742,92 dollar first prize dominating the table from the start with the chip lead at the start of the final table, having just under 50% of all the chips in play with around $28 million in chips, he didn’t seem to be under any pressure throughout.

The only British player to make the final table Assassinator was first to go. JB_Dog raised $900,000 and was called by Assassinator, flop showed :7s :3s :2s BJ_Dog raised $1.5m and Assassinator came over the top with an all in raise of $7.6m. Assassinator showed :10s :10c BJ_Dog turned over :ac :js putting Assassinator in the lead. The turn came down :ks giving both players a flush with BJ_Dog taking down the pot having the higher spade.

Copi was next to go, going out against Colombo218. Colombo’s pocket Aces holding up against Copi’s A-K suited earning him just over $13,000 in eighth place.Not long after is was BJ_Dog knocking EndlessJ out dominating with :ah :js against :ac :6d with the board coming down with :ks :kh :10d :5s :qs

Sixth and Seventh place was decided in quick succession, firstly Cougfan1987 went going out against TheSeraph, Cougfan1987 short stacked tried his luck calling all in with :4h :3c against TheSeraph, raising with :as :4s

Then 2 hands later Oceania99 went out going all in against Berdyfish. With his last $1.2m and with the blinds only double this amount he pushed all in with :ad :7s This was called by Berdyfish holding :8d :2d The flop didn’t help Oceania99 showing :ks :kc :2h putting Berdyfish in the lead with 2 cards to come. The turn came down :jd again no help to Oceania99 and the final nail in his coffin coming on the river with the :2s giving Berdyfish the full house.

Colombo218 took the fourth place of $56,003 pushing all in with :jd :9c TheSeraph dominated him calling with :as :9s and this held up with the board coming down with :10h :6c :3h :8c :6h

Heads up play was between BJ_Dog and Berdyfish with BJ_Dog knocking TheSeraph out hitting an A on the flop with his :as :2h against :qh :10h TheSeraph had outs with a flush draw after the flop with 2 card to come but they never came giving him third prize of $71,870.

BJ_Dog had 4 times the chip stack Berdyfish had at the start of heads up play holding with $52.7m and it didn’t’t take long for it all to be over. Berdyfish raised $2.4m and BJ_Dog came over the top all in which was quickly called by Berdyfish. Berdyfish flipped over :kh :9h and BJ_Dog showed :ad :kd The flop came down :as :qs :10s leaving Berdyfish needing a J to split the pot but with a :2d and :2c coming on the turn and river BJ_Dog came out victorious winning $191,743.

A well fought final table was enjoyable to watch and BJ_Dog must have been pleased with his solid performance.

Try your luck at the prize pool on offer at the Poker Stars Millions event



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