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Wednesday, May 30, 2007 | Francis Lee


The Poker Stars Million event this week was a $530 buy in attracting 2919 entrants building the guaranteed prize pool to just over $1.4 million dollars paying down to 414th place. 

When we reached the final table Rikki Tikki held a massive chip lead over the rest of the field on $10 million in chips.  His nearest rival only had half this amount and he was in a good position to take the top prize. Legato two time winner of this tournament was also on the final table gunning for his third Poker Stars Million’s win.

We had to wait a while before we witnessed the first knockout hand.  Suck My Ace on the short stack decided to push all in holding :ac :2d This was called by Bigbrain2005 in a dominating position holding :ah :qc The board missed both players coming down :6s :10c :jd :7d :9c giving Bigbrain 2005 the pot with the with higher kicker and Suck My Ace was out in 9th taking $11,676 for his effort.

Not too long after Timkrank with :ah :qs ran into Luiga da BP’s holding :ac :as It didn’t look too good for Timkrank after the flop :2c :3h :kh needing a jack and a ten or two queens on the turn and river to have any hope of surviving.  The aces held up with turn :6s and river :2d coming down winning Timkrank $20,141 in 8th place.

JJJanet also on a short stack was the next casualty of the night moving all in with :ac :3d This was called by Bigbrain2005 with :ah :ks The flop gave JJJanet practically no chance coming down :6h :kc :9d and the turn :jd and river :3c confirmed her exit from the tournament in 7th taking $31,817

The table slowed down dramatically with a lot of blind steals and no one really wanting to play much in any large pots.  Eventually it was Pwnasaurus on the short stack who was forced to make a play going all in with :6d :6h It was a now or never moment for him, but his timing wasn’t the best running into the chip leader RikkiTikki holding :js :jd Rikki hit a set on the flop with it showing :kd :4h :jc and Pwnasaurus was drawing dead after the turn came down :10s with the river :ac came his elimination in 6th winning $45,244.

Jovial Gent was next to go and was very unlucky to be knocked out holding :as :kh against Luigi da BP’s with :qs :jh Neither player hit the flop or turn with it showing :3d :2d :5c :6d but the river killed Jovial Gent off coming down with :qd knocking him out in 5th and taking home $59,839.

It was Bigbrain2005’s turn to head for the rail shortly after.  Holding :ks :10c he unfortunately was completely dominated against RikkiTikki with pocket kings all in.  The flop came down :3h :8c :9h and after the turn :jh there was a glimmer of hope needing a queen or seven for the straight.  They never came though with the river showing :9c and Bigbrain was out in 4th winning $74,434.

Down to three players and the decision to split the winning was taken leaving $30,000 to play for.  As RikkiTikki had such a large chip advantage it was decided he would have $40,000 more than Luigi or Legato.

It wasn’t long after the split when we lost our next player.  Both Luigi and Legato went all in pre flop, Luigi with :ah :10c and Legato had :kh :qs The flop missed both players showing :4s :4h :3c but the turn put Legato in pole position with the :qd and Luigi da BP was out when the river came down with :7c taking 3rd place and $133,634.

That win had put Legato evens up on chips with Rikki Tikki which gave him a great chance of his third win in this event.  The showdown lasted for a couple of hours with the momentum constantly switching from player to player.  The final hand of play saw Legato moving all in after the flop :qd :9s :3s holding :10d :9c this was called by Rikki holding top pair :qh :8s The turn and river :8c :as confirmed Rikki’s win taking the $30,000 remaining prize and taking home a grand total of $226,142 in first place.

Final Results:

  • > 1st $226,142: RikkiTikki
  • > 2nd $135,431: Legato
  • > 3rd $133,634: Luigi da BP
  • 4th $74,434.50: bigbrain2005
  • 5th $59,839.50: Jovial Gent
  • 6th $45,244.50: Pwnasaurus
  • 7th $31,817.10: JJJanet
  • 8th $20,141.10: timkrank
  • 9th $11,676: Suck My Ace

> — three-way split for remaining prize money; $30,000 to the winner.

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