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Wednesday, July 29, 2009 | Francis Lee


Poker Stars Million

The total prize pool in this week’s Poker Stars Million event rose to $1.6 million as a total of 8,342 players started out.  A couple of notable names to cash but fail to make the final table included Jesper Hougaard finishing 52nd and winning $2,836, Bryan Paris finishing in 20th place winning $3,670 and Garifuna1 finishing in 16th place winning $4,337.

Michael Tureniec took a six million chip advantage over his rivals going into the final table and got to the heads up showdown with Daniel Loewinski still in the chip lead.  A deal was stuck by the two players to split the money giving Tureniec an extra $10,000.  $30,000 was left for the eventual winner and Loewinski over came the chip disadvantage to win first place.

Final Standings

  • ~1st Daniel “Danneville” Loewinski $222,503
  • ~2nd Michael “Skämmes” Tureniec $202,271
  • 3rd domino16 $125,130
  • 4th ThePokerBody $83,420
  • 5th KingGorn $66,736
  • 6th BREAKURFACE $50,052
  • 7th asbo22 $33,368
  • 8th FreeLancerZZ $18,352
  • 9th buttonsAAAA $12,930

~ - Two-way split leaving $30,000 to the winner.

Full Tilt $750,000 Guaranteed

The Fult Tilt $750,000 Guaranteed event attracted a total of 4,401 players this weekend all fighting to win the $155,434 first place prize.  When we reached the final table stage of the event KtownCicero held a sizeable chip lead ahead of crazy987 in second place.

HITTHEPANDA started out in the midfield but battles his way to three handed play and managed to secure at least second place when KtownCicero eliminated crazy987 into third place.  The momentum in the heads up showdown swung from player top player but KtownCicero managed to win through taking the top prize.

Final Standings

  • 1st KtownCicero $155,434
  • 2nd HITTHEPANDA $94,093
  • 3rd crazyz987 $61,614
  • 4th feltingfools $48,411
  • 5th Jacob “wvumaniac2” Bucher $36,352
  • 6th jba1986 $26,934
  • 7th kishotti $20,244
  • 8th 00s $15,843
  • 9th chkrazethedevil $11,794

Other Big Online Tourney Results

Poker Stars Sunday Warm Up

# Players - 4,303
# Prize Pool - $860,600

Final Standings

  • 1st Aguskb $135,010
  • 2nd Daddddymufff $100,259
  • 3rd HEMIpowerSWT $70,999
  • 4th Jane Smith $48,632
  • 5th UNCGuy $36,575
  • 6th Wackworm $27,969
  • 7th dippedydawg $19,363
  • 8th ILAN17 $10,757
  • 9th blend84 $6,884

Poker Stars Sunday 500

# Players - 1092
# Prize Pool - $546,000

Final Standings

  • 1st floes $92,820
  • 2nd Bob1Preston $68,250
  • 3rd gray31 $51,815
  • 4th HAWKBHOY $37,128
  • 5th el salla $27,027
  • 6th goleafsgo41 $21,567
  • 7th RooktakesE5 $16,107
  • 8th ptartagilo $10,647
  • 9th kartt $5,986



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