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Wednesday, September 3, 2008 | Alan Merriman


This weekend’s turnout for the Sunday online poker tournaments was quite low, with both the full Tilt $750K Guaranteed Tournament and the PokerStars Sunday Million falling short of the guarantee. There were 7,212 entrants vying for the generous prize pool at the Sunday Million – everyone else was probably taking the weekend off; with the U.S. Labor Day weekend, a lot of tournament regulars would have been on holiday.

PokerStars Sunday Million

This time, the PokerStars Sunday Million poker tournament did not make up their guarantee. There was an overlay of close to $58,000. The entrants got percentage points from the overlay, and the final table’s players were diegoaiz, TheRodGuy, FlopeDeNuts, CodeRedRulez, c j mcon, Krs528, Bury2k4, unbroken, and despite his name, IamUnlucky.

A lot of well known players, such as Joshua ‘pbdrunks’ VanDuyn, Tim ‘Tmay420’ West and TiltHappens, were ousted in 13th, 22nd, and 25th place respectively. TiltHappens and Tmay420 walked away with $3000 each, while pbdrunks made $5,250. Head to head play came down to diegoaiz with 54,743,802 chips and TheRodGuy who had 17,376,198 chips. The former maintained his lead to win the PokerStars Sunday Million.

The final results:

  • 1. **diegoaiz         $148,849.49
  • 2. **TheRodGuy    $127,912.72
  • 3. **FlopeDeNuts    $116,687.79
  • 4. IamUnlucky        $69,000
  • 5. Krs528        $54,000
  • 6. UnbrokeN        $39,000
  • 7. Bury2k4        $26,250
  • 8. c j mcon        $17,250
  • 9. CodeRedRulez    $10,500

* * These players shared a three-way chop for the prize money remaining after $30,000 was given to the first place winner.
Full Tilt $750,000 Guaranteed 
This Sunday, there were 3,225 entrants in the Full Tilt $750,000 Guarantee. Those who did well included Jordan Morgan who walked away with $2,775 in 21st place (Morgan is a Full Tilt pro), dubbeemin, who won the FTOPS IX Main Event and made it to the final table in the Full Tilt $750,000 Guarantee. The others at the final table were Mabbe, prostarins, StevoL_7, grabskia and VamosRafael, but it was Steveee111, oldschool043 and Flip This Cup who came in first, second and third. $80,250 took the first prize of $$132,787.50, while oldschool043 made $80,250 and Flip This Cup won $52,500.

The final results:

  • 1. Steveee111        $132,787.50
  • 2. oldschool043    $80,250
  • 3. Flip This Cup    $52,500
  • 4. grabskia        $41,400
  • 5. dubbeemin        $31,050
  • 6. Mabbe        $23,025
  • 7. prostarins        $17,250
  • 8. StevoL_7        $13,500
  • 9. VamosRafael    $10,050

Bodog $100,000 Guaranteed
In the Bodog $100k Guaranteed this weekend, there were only 558 participants and a payout of $100,000 was made to 63 players. The overlay was very big this weekend - more than $44,000. The players at the final table were swimjack, Mr. Punisher, jacenb001, radarman, rusostreet, PYCB, Jadenali, aletheia and Dahotshot. The eventual winner of the tournament was Dahotshot who took home $25,000. The second prize winner was aletheia, who won $15,000 and Jadenali came in third with $9,500.
The final results:

  • Dahotshot    $25,000
  • aletheia    $15,000
  • Jadenali    $9,500
  • PYCB        $7,000
  • rusostreet    $5,500
  • radarman    $4,500
  • jacenb001    $3,500
  • Mr. Punisher    $2,200
  • swimjack    $1,700



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