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Friday, June 6, 2008 | Adrian Milewski

online poker tournament

This weekend saw better numbers than last time for most of the online poker sites which is slightly surprising considering the clash with the first weekend of the WSOP.

Player traffic was up again at the PokerStars Sunday Million tournament and the Full Tilt $750,000 Guaranteed while Bodog had to make an overlay that was more than the winner’s prize money!

However, all three tournaments had an outright winner without any chops.

PokerStars Sunday Million

This was a far better week for the PokerStars Sunday Million tournament. The number of participants increased from last week when it drew in some particularly low numbers; this week on the other hand, saw a solid turnout and the online poker site brought in about 6,993 players, which is a rise of around 250 players. The prize pool worked its way to a sum of $1,398,600.

The final stages of the tournament was a battle between jotael, JHBrenes and mass.mike and although some expected a deal to be made, the game went on without one. The last two standing were jotael and JHBrenes who played it out right till the end when almost $100,000 incremental prize was up for grabs for 1st place over 2nd place. Jotael came in first and took $197,203 in winnings while JHBrenes had to settle for less that half of that.

The final results:

  1. 1. jotaele1 — $197,203
  2. 2. JHBrenes — $99,301
  3. 3. mass.mike — $69,930
  4. 4. OWWEX — $55,944
  5. 5. late_entry — $41,958
  6. 6. tpreston — $30,769
  7. 7. anybody1108 — $21,678
  8. 8. zeistpoker11 — $12,587
  9. 9. Jim Bee — $8,252

Full Tilt $750,000 Guaranteed

The tournament at Full Tilt also picked up a bit after last weeks performance and drew in around 3,603 entrants. This did not save them from having to put in an overlay to make the guaranteed $750,000. This week Full tilt had to dish out a sum of $29,400 to bring the prize pool up to size.

Robbieoz and KGtheACE were the two finalists who fought it out for 1st place and it was Robbieoz who took it down and collected the grand sum of $132,788 as first prize.

The final results:

  1. 1. Robbieoz — $132,788
  2. 2. KGtheACE — $80,250
  3. 3. Zappabertie — $52,500
  4. 4. G de Ipanema — $41,400
  5. 5. LagTart — $31,050
  6. 6. AA DOK — $23,025
  7. 7. ConcreteAPM — $17,250
  8. 8. backloop2 — $13,500
  9. 9. JBlaze20 — $10,050

Bodog $100,000 Guaranteed

The Bodog weekend tourney did not do quite as well as it had to cough up yet another overlay to make its weekly guarantee. Only 698 players participated in the weekend Bodog $100,000 Guaranteed and this left the prize pool at just $69,800 meaning than Bodog had to fund the $30,200 shortfall, which was even more than the first place winner took home!

Aaron “ImTheJackal” Hacker and Al “alcarmo” Carmo took the top two places at fought a good battle for the top prize. However, in the end Aaron “ImTheJackal” Hacker was far luckier than his opponent Al “alcarmo” Carmo and took home the first place prize of $23,600.

This is the second time Aaron “ImTheJackal” Hacker has won this event, making him a player to watch.

The final results:

  1. 1. Aaron “ImTheJackal” Hacker — $23,600
  2. 2. Al “alcarmo” Carmo — $13,600
  3. 3. BigbMVP — $9,100
  4. 4. Meadham — $7,000
  5. 5. AHHH VTEC — $5,700
  6. 6. Koxi82 — $4,500
  7. 7. Manube — $3,300
  8. 8. VikesWin2 — $2,200
  9. 9. pkb6786 — $1,300

Take your seat at one of the regular big weekend tournaments by signing up at Pokerstars , Full Tilt Poker or Bodog and you could be the one winning big money next week. Regular satellites run to these tournaments, so you can also win your seat for as little as a few dollars.



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