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Thursday, March 27, 2008 | Adrian Milewski

Online Poker Tournaments

Poker Tournament players enjoyed an exciting weekend of play across the online poker worlds biggest tournaments.

At the PokerStars Sunday Million tournament player traffic kept on it’s rising trend and brought in over 7000 entrants on Sunday afternoon. Both the Full Tilt and Bodog tournaments’ played out till the end and avoided a prize chop at the end, but the Pokerstars pot was split between the final three players who agreed on a deal. The Sunday tournament at Bodog had a smaller than usual turn out, and it also turned out to be a low numbers day for the Full Tilt $750,000 Tournament.

PokerStars Sunday Million

The Pokerstars Sunday Million tournament was able to accumulate a prize pool of about $1,489,000. The player traffic grew slightly from last week and attracted in 7,394 participants. The final round came down to three players, Maluko0, Tsipor, and Djemps, who were running neck and neck in the game.

However, rather than risk it all on the remaining luck of the cards, all three players decided to do a deal and chopped the remaining prize money three ways. They continued to play to determine the winner as according to Pokerstars chopping rules $30,000 must be left to the eventual winner. Initially, Maluko0 had a bit of a lead with Djemps trailing in third. The final showdown was between Maluko0 and Tsipor and it was Maluko0 who soon saw luck change direction in favour of Tsipor, who was declared the overall winner with a total winnings of $147,561.

The final results:

  1. **Tsipor — $147,561
  2. **Maluko0 — $122,670
  3. **Djemps — $119, 887
  4. Big_Col11 — $59,560
  5. soren2006 — $44,670
  6. mayer zs — $32,758
  7. jaywks — $23,080
  8. blanconegro — $13,401
  9. Joshua “pbdrunks” VanDuyn — $8,785

** a three-way chop of the remaining money was split between the final three, with $30,000 for the eventual winner.

Full Tilt $750,000 Guaranteed

Full Tilt’s Sunday event was a bit of a disappointment. It managed to draw in only 3,784 entrants and a prize pool of $756,800 and this was only just about enough to meet the guarantee! The numbers at Full Tilt this week took quite a hit compared to last week where they cleared over $800,000.

GhettoFabolous, Nicholas “CapTinBisKuit” Blumenthal, and terhahn were the last three standing. GhettoFabolous was placed third and took home a total of $53,000 while CapTinBisKuit went on to win the whole tourney and the $134,000 big prize.

The final results:

  1. Nicholas “CapTinBisKuit” Blumenthal — $133,991
  2. terhahn — $80,977
  3. GhettoFabolous — $52,976
  4. XJUSTRUNX — $41,775
  5. Mur917 — $31,331
  6. Cliff “JohnnyBax” Josephy — $23,233
  7. janwillemsxm — $17,406
  8. SkyyistheLimit — $13,622
  9. GinjarBear — $10,141

Bodog $100,000 Guaranteed

Bodog’s $100,000 guaranteed tournament took a big hit this Easter weekend with a reduced field of just 603 entrants who participated in the tournament. This meant Bodog had to foot the bill to fulfil the $100,000 guarantee which lead to great value for those that did take part.

The finalists were croth8, MONSTER_DONG and RonnDough. The heads up came down to a fight between MONSTER_DONG and RonnDough, where MONSTER_DONG came out victorious and collected the $25,000 first place prize.

The final results:

  1. MONSTER_DONG — $25,000
  2. RonnDough — $14,300
  3. croth8 — $9,200
  4. WowImBad — $6,900
  5. WaThoHuck — $5,500
  6. EddieOB — $4,500
  7. Alex “garage13” Dickinson — $3,500
  8. TheBrush5 — $2,500
  9. RoboDonk — $1,600

Take your seat at one of the regular big weekend tournaments by signing up at Pokerstars , Full Tilt Poker or Bodog and you could be the one winning big money next week. Regular satellites run to these tournaments, so you can also win your seat for as little as a few dollars.



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